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TRIPTIDES premiere “It Won’t Hurt You” via GLIDE MAGAZINE

LA PSYCH ROCKERS TRIPTIDES EXPLORE SONIC TERRAIN ON “IT WON’T HURT YOU” “With its jangly 12-string guitar, steady groove and airy harmonies, their song ‘It Won’t Hurt You’ definitely brings to mind ’60s psych rock with a sunny California vibe. Incorporating fine guitar solos that veer from surf rock to more far out, acid-soaked sounds, […]

DATURA4 announce new album “West Coast Highway Cosmic” via GLIDE MAGAZINE

CHECK OUT DATURA4’S NEW SINGLE “YOU’RE THE ONLY ONE” HERE For a band that is more than capable of piling on layers of noise and shredding, “You’re The Only One” takes a more restrained approach with subtle use of slide guitar and eerie, reverb-soaked harmonica playing. Though it is clearly a love song, the instrumentation […]

Awesome review of LONESOME SHACK “Desert Dreams” via GLIDE MAGAZINE

Ultimately the power of this album is how the band takes well-known American genres and completely, yet respectfully, reworks them, making them into something almost completely different. One also cannot help but be impressed with the depth of the songwriting accomplished with such little instrumentation. The band has whittled songs down to their barest essence, […]