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It’s still rock and roll to me : The BONNEVILLES, DATURA4, The BLOODHOUNDS, PAUL COLLINS, and PRIMA DONNA via The Vancouver Sun

It’s still rock and roll to me: Tom Harrison’s album reviews here “What kind of music do you play?” When I was in a band, I always hated that question. I’d answer, “Rock and roll,” knowing that said nothing. Too many eras, too many styles, and we didn’t come from or fit any of them. […]

The BLOODHOUNDS European tour

2015.06.25 Warsaw (PL) @ Kurort 2015.06.26 tBA 2015.06.27 Milicz (PL) @ American Cars Mania 2015.06.28 Milicz (PL) @ American Cars Mania 2015.06.29 TBA 2015.06.30 Karlsruhe (DE) @ Scruffys Irish Pub 2015.07.01 Frankfurt (DE) @ Tiefelgrund 2015.07.02 Moorslede (BE) @ De Nodige Deugd 2015.07.03 Utrecht (NL) @ dBs 2015.07.04 Elsloo (NL) @ Conincx Pop Festival 2015.07.04 […]

MAGNET premieres THE BLOODHOUNDS new video of “Wild Little Rider”

L.A.-based rock group the Bloodhounds recently released their Let Loose! and now share a video for first single “Wild Little Rider.” The track is a burst of energy, and the clip accompanies the madness well. It shows the members of the band playing their instruments and looking cool while also shredding on a harmonica. We […]

The BLOODHOUNDS Let Loose In Europe 2015

European Tour dates, ONLY 7 WEEKS till the Bloodhound fever hits!! #LetLooseInEurope2015 6/25 Warszawa, Poland @ Kurort 6/27 Milicz, Poland @ American cars Mania 6/28 Milicz, Poland @ American cars Mania 6/28 TBA, Poland 6/28 TBA, Poland 7/2 Moorslede, Belgium @De Nodige Deugd 7/3 Utrecht, Netherlands @ dBs 7/4 Elsloo, Netherlands @ Conincx Pop Festival […]



The BLOODHOUNDS live at Origami records

When listening to the Bloodhounds, my whole collection of oldies went through my mind in a few minutes, not that it is a bad thing, on the contrary, the quartet is a true-to-the-core 60’s R&B revival and they play it with a real conviction. The Bloodhounds were playing an in-store at Origami Vinyl on Saturday […]

BLURT MAGAZINE : Bloodhounds’ RSD Contribution to Alive 2LP Set

Easily one of the more exciting new bands we got turned on to last year was L.A.’s Nuggets-powered Latino rockers the Bloodhounds—the Blurt braintrust was so goddam Bloodhounds crazy that we even took the bait when a full digital stream of their Let Loose album was offered by their label Alive Naturalsound for the website. […]