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Great review of DATURA4 “West Coast Highway Cosmic” via AROUND THE SOUND (AU)

West Coast Highway Cosmic is about travel, whether that’s on highways, via astral teleportation or anything in between. It’s a ride from start to finish and worth taking multiple times.  And, while it might take you in a different direction each time you listen, West Coast Highway Cosmic will never give you a bad trip.  It’s pure goodness. […]

DATURA4 announce new album “West Coast Highway Cosmic” via GLIDE MAGAZINE

CHECK OUT DATURA4’S NEW SINGLE “YOU’RE THE ONLY ONE” HERE For a band that is more than capable of piling on layers of noise and shredding, “You’re The Only One” takes a more restrained approach with subtle use of slide guitar and eerie, reverb-soaked harmonica playing. Though it is clearly a love song, the instrumentation […]