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CLASSIC ROCK/LOUDER Tracks Of The Week : DATURA4 single “Open The Line”

The West Australian psych-groovers lay down a luscious cosmic boogie, all Hammond organ, loose-hipped Summer of Love warmth and fresh off their upcoming album Neanderthal Jam (out in full on 5 August). Full-tilt retro fun, it bounces along like a hippie hitchhiker after a really good night’s sleep, seems to finish…and then trips out for another half a […]

DATURA4 premiere new video for “West Coast Highway Cosmic” via POPMATTERS

The title cut from Australian garage rock/psych rock outfit Datura4’s latest LP, West Coast Highway Cosmic, is the dash-pounding, air keyboard, rocking freakout this generation has long needed but was too afraid to ask for. Built on sturdy rhythms, lysergic twists and turns, and a vocal hook that won’t soon leave you, this is the […]