Monthly Archive: January 2011

ALL MUSIC review of T MODEL FORD & Gravelroad “Taledragger”

ALL MUSIC Review by Thom Jurek There is a compelling tension on T-Model Ford’s Taledragger, with his rawer-than-gravel blues style that has always staggered between the styles of his native Mississippi Delta and those of Chicago. This doesn’t mean the record is tense, but merely that its cultural lines blur consistently between the above styles […]

The PHOENIX review of T MODEL FORD & GRAVELROAD “Taledragger”

The PHOENIX By BARRY THOMPSON | January 7, 2011 An approximately 90-year-old ex-convict has persuaded hipsters everywhere to pretend to give a fuck about Mississippi blues, and that’s not even the most interesting thing about T-Model Ford. He has lost a testicle, totally killed somebody back when, been arrested a shit-fuck-ton of times, isn’t sure […]