Monthly Archive: June 2014

THE MORTON REPORT – Bentley’s Bandstand: The First Half – Favorite Albums of 2014 – HOLLIS BROWN “Gets Loaded”

By Bill Bentley, Columnist June 30, 2014 Hollis Brown, Gets Loaded. Defying the odds of gravity and greatness, the Brooklyn-based Hollis Brown band records all the songs on one of the perfect rock albums, Velvet Underground’s Loaded, and still manages to hold their head high. So what may have looked like a long shot on […]

CELEBSTONER review of RADIO MOSCOW “Magical Dirt”

Serving up some of the finest retrograde stoner rock imaginable, Radio Moscow’s fourth studio album, Magical Dirt, continues to build upon the vintage power trio exhilaration that such respected ’60s legends as Cream, Blue Cheer and the Jimi Hendrix Experience brought forth. Formed in Iowa in 2003, heavy metal-leaning frontman Parker Griggs provides Radio Moscow […]

ROLLING STONE review of RADIO MOSCOW “Magical Dirt”

Radio Moscow: Magical Dirt (Alive Naturalsound) I would be lying if I did not say I have been completely taken with this, the fourth album from lovingly/freakishly retro combo Radio Moscow—a fabulous trio from Iowa including the amazing guitarist/singer Parker Griggs, bassist Anthony Meier and drummer Paul Marrone. With an album cover that absolutely evokes […]

POPMATTERS 8/10 review of MOUNT CARMEL “Get Pure”

POPMATTERS Mount Carmel: Get Pure By David Maine 12 June 2014 Mount Carmel rocks. That’s all you need to know. You want details? Fine. The three-piece based out of Columbus, Ohio, plays a stripped-down, high-octane form of bluesy rock, as befits their inclusion on the excellent label, Alive Naturalsound. Vocalist Matthew Reed’s voice is gutsy […]

I-94 BAR review of RADIO MOSCOW “Magical Dirt”

Magical Dirt – Radio Moscow (Alive Natural Sound) Written by The Barman on 14 June 2014. Radio Moscow’s “thing” is pretty easy to get your head around: Meandering but economical psychedelic guitar jams wrapped around bluesy vocals. Loud and comparatively clean with a dash of funk in the bottom end. On Album Number Four this […]


Lonesome Shack, “More Primitive” (Alive Naturalsound) More than anything else the blues is meant for dancing. The guys in Lonesome Shack seem to know this deep down in their bones. These three middle-aged white dudes from Seattle surely have little in common with Junior Kimbrough, R.L. Burnside and the great bluesmen of north Mississippi who […]


How an American trio are changing the sound of blues NEW Mexico-based blues trio Lonesome Shack are captivating blues lovers and making converts with its evocative, emotive take on the genre. By Paul Stewart FOR those who love the blues, this could well be the album of the year. Seattle’s Lonesome Shack have called this […]

JESTER JAY review of LONESOME SHACK “More Primitive”

Evocative and restless, simplicity offers a rich palette The guitar strings pop and tick like a cooling engine, hinting at long drives and endless roaming. The smell of hot blacktop seems to hang in the background of each of Lonesome Shack’s heavy blues cuts on More Primitive, along with an acrid hint of Southern pine. […]