Joe from LEFT LANE CRUISER interviewed by VIVE LE ROCK

Donald Trump is a horrible human being. Every word out of his mouth is a giant turd coated in hate and now were all walking around stepping in his hateful shit. And hate breeds hate. It don’t die, it just multiply.

We wanted Bernie Sanders to be our president. But our crowds, much like the whole country, are pretty divided as far as who they support. I try to respect everyone’s beliefs. But I dont respect anything associated with Trump and his beliefs.

As a musician with a microphone and a room full of people, i could spit a lot of shit on that mic if I wanted to. And sometimes I do. But you can’t fight hate with more hate. You gotta break em down from the inside. Acknowledge other people’s perspective and history. Find where you share common ground and build from there. And for a lot of people, music is the common ground. Our shows are where people come together. I don’t want to divide them again. I hope we provide our fans with an opportunity to take their minds off the shit show for a moment. Realize that were all in it together.