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RUST MAGAZINE review of HOLLIS BROWN “Ride On The Train”

RUST MAGAZINE Hollis Brown makes today the best day ever. Their debut album “Ride On The Train” is an immediate classic. Pulling from the roots of rock, soul, ballads, folk and jam this hybrid sound feels as comfortable as your old jeans and sneakers on a stroll through sunlit paths. Get-up-and-jam tracks are mixed with […]


Hear Hollis Brown Cover The Velvet Underground’s “Loaded” The Band: Hollis Brown The Album: Hollis Brown Gets Loaded, a song-for-song recreation of The Velvet Underground’s 1970 classic, Loaded. The album (vinyl only, and limited to 500 copies) drops April 19, in support of Record Store Day. Fun Fact: To support Gets Loaded, Hollis Brown are […]

The SOUND OF CONFUSION review of HOLLIS BROWN “Ride On The Train”

Hollis Brown – Ride On The Train Album review by Ten tracks, coming in under 40 mins and starting with the title-track. This is how albums used to be done, and it’s so good to see that Hollis Brown are keeping, keeping on with the good stuff. As already said opener ‘Ride On The […]

FEMALE FIRST review of HOLLIS BROWN “Ride On The Train”

Ride on the Train is the newly released album by NYC based band Hollis Brown. by Emma Barlow Hollis Brown is just one of those bands that I struggle to categorise into a specific genre. Their sweet melodies and heartfelt lyrics create a warm and rich sound contrasting with the bluesy rock rhythms and rock […]

The COUCH SESSIONS review of HOLLIS BROWN “Ride On The Train”

REVIEW: Hollis Brown – Ride on the Train By Michael Carlos he New York City-based rock group Hollis Brown released their second full-length, Ride on the Train, a couple of weeks back and I was initially hesitant about writing a review. It’s not that the record isn’t excellent because it most certainly is. The dilemma […]

EAR TO THE GROUND review of HOLLIS BROWN “Ride On The Train”

BY Greg Jones Ride on the Train is an album that a lot of people are going to love for its multi-generational appeal. But besides that, it’s just good rock music. It’s hard to peg a specific sound on it. There are no “skip” songs on this album though. Be prepared to keep it in […]