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Nice review of LEFT LANE CRUISER “Claw Machine Wizard” from BLACK BULL BLUES

LEFT LANE CRUISER’S NEW ALBUM “CLAW MACHINE WIZARD” SOME OF THE NASTIEST ROCK ‘N ROLL TO BE PUT ON WAX. With a fresh new album the Blues is once again in the perfectly unsafe hands of Left Lane Cruiser. Oh Yeah! This new full-length studio album called, Claw Machine Wizard is what I really looked […]

HAPPY FOURTH! Fireworks Playlist!

Happy Fourth! Enjoy the 4th of July with GospelbeacH, Buffalo Killers, Mark ‘Porkchop’ Holder, Hollis Brown, The Black Keys, Left Lane Cruiser, Andy Gabbard, Radio Moscow, and other awesome Alive artists!

Great review of LEFT LANE CRUISER “Claw Machine Wizard” from PENNYBLACKMUSIC

Being so far from cities like Chicago, Detroit, and Cleveland, artists in Fort Wayne and surrounding Allen County are accustomed to looking after their own scene and Cultural District. Left Lane Cruiser and their amazing blues hybrid were introduced to an international audience by the inclusion of their music on the television show ‘Breaking Bad’, […]

9/10 review of LEFT LANE CRUISER “Claw machine Wizard” from MAXIMUM VOLUME MUSIC

LLC’s earlier albums were pretty raw affairs and you could certainly imagine them in a sweaty roadhouse somewhere in the ‘States laying down a raucous groove. However on record the looseness of a live performance does not always translate and LLC have certainly overcome that issue with this latest collection. The songs are still catchy […]

★★★½ 3 and half star review of LEFT LANE CRUISER “Claw Machine Wizard” from ALL MUSIC GUIDE

Claw Machine Wizard does sound just a bit less raunchy than their past few efforts, and contrary to expectations, that turns out to work in their favor. Don’t worry, this album is still industrial-strength stomp-down blues-rock, but Jason Davis’ engineering and mix add a bit more clarity to the group’s attack, and the result boasts […]

LEFT LANE CRUISER “Claw Machine Wizard” out on VINYL, CD DIGIPAK (with bonus track), and DIGITAL

Indiana’s trash-blues outfit is back with an album of high-energy R&B. “Claw Machine Wizard” is a return to the band’s two man format, and features corky barn burners like “Claw Machine Wizard” and “Booga Chaka”, alongside punked out blues numbers such as “Burn Em Brew” and “High Maintenance”. The album even includes a reggae-influenced ballad […]