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For fans of blues rock and Irish rock, Arrow Pierce My Heart is an insistent must-have record of fierce determination.– READ THE REVIEW HERE

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Nice I94 BAR review of SULFUR CITY “Talking Loud”

Hailing from Ontario, the band’s focal point is ex-truck driver and bartender Lori Paradis, a flame-haired vocal powerhouse and electric washboard player (!) whose voice will knock you flat at 20 paces. “Talking Loud” is an attention-getting debut record overflowing with blues-boogie and soul goodness. – I94 BAR REVIEW HERE

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Nice review of SULFUR CITY “Talking Loud” via MAXIMUM VOLUME

We like to think we know a superb record when we hear it, and in “Talking Loud” we have just heard one. – READ THE MAXIMUM VOLUME REVIEW HERE

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5 stars ★★★★★ review of SULFUR CITY via the LA Examiner

When you visit the Sulfur City website, you will see the headline “Grunge Gospel Punk Blues Stomp Dance Scream”. Can it really be all of those styles? Amazingly the answer is yes. It is all of those things mixed together in a wonderful musical stew. – READ THE REVIEW HERE

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Where’s me washboard? A star is born. Fronted by electric washboard-toting powerhouse Lori Paradis, Ontario band Sulfur City have unleashed a speaker-shredding blues-rock tornado with Talking Loud, which sits beautifully with labelmates the Black Keys but also harbours an intoxicating, multi-hued diversity. Former truck driver Paradis towers throughout, evoking Joplin, Slick and even Patti Smith […]

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Nice KING MUD review in Elmore Magazine

Sometimes, great things come out of random collaboration. King Mud collaborated with Van Campbell from The Black Diamond Heavies and Freddy J IV from Left Lane Cruise to create Victory Motel Sessions. They joined together in LA, California for what’s described as a “marathon jam” that produced to some serious, rich hard blues. Radio Moscow’s […]

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Nice review of The BONNEVILLES via ALL MUSIC

Andrew McGibbon, Jr.’s guitar work boasts plenty of primitive ferocity and a sublime distorted tone, while drummer Chris McMullan hits hard and generally stays out of the way. While the Bonnevilles boast good, gritty technique, McGibbon is also a solid vocalist and songwriter, and there’s a greater depth to his tales of woe than most […]

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9/10 review of The BONNEVILLES “Arrow Pierce My Heart” from MAXIMUM VOLUME

“Arrow Pierce My Heart” is a brilliant record, one that is surprisingly diverse, and whilst it might never be described as “suitable for children’s parties”, the soundtrack to your next sleepless night with your own darkest secrets running through your head never sounded better. – Andy Thorley / READ THE REVIEW HERE

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