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Nice review of DATURA4 “Hairy Mountain” from The VINYL DISTRICT

This Western Australian four-piece specializes in psych-blues-boogie, and they’ve been cited as extending the musical mores of their countrymen Buffalo, The Aztecs, and Coloured Balls; featuring the dual guitars of Dom Mariani (of the Stems and DM3) and Greg Hitchcock (who was briefly in the New Christs), this sophomore effort shines brightest in direct proportion […]

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3.5 Stars for DATURA4 “Hairy Mountain” from ALL MUSIC

The 2016 sophomore studio long-player from the bluesy Aussie psych-rockers, Hairy Mountain delivers another muscular blast of lovingly retooled classic rock that bristles with electric, down-under eccentricity. Similar in tone to the Sword, Thin Lizzy, Cream, Electric Wizard, and Blue Öyster Cult-loving High Country that, like Datura4’s debut, arrived the year prior, Hairy Mountain ultimately […]

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Nice review of JACK LEE “Bigger Than Life” from The VINYL DISTRICT

It was Lee who wrote “Hangin’ on the Telephone,” and yet his profile still suffers in comparison to his bandmates in the Nerves, Paul Collins and Peter Case. Comprised of Lee’s hard to find ’81 and ’85 albums plus B-side “Small World,” this 2LP should give recent converts to the power-pop cause reason to celebrate. […]

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RADIO MOSCOW’S Live in California – Best Heavy Psych Album of the Year via New York Music Daily

Do you love Jimi Hendrix? Heavy psychedelic power trio Radio Moscow, San Diego’s best export since Karla Rose, are the closest approximation for those of us who missed the 60s. Guitarist Parker Griggs echoes Hendrix in the purest sense possible, faster than you can say “Frank Marino.” Hendrix was a noisy player, and so is […]

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Nice review of JACK LEE’S “Bigger Than Life” via I-94 BAR

If Jack Lee went to his grave only known as the guy who wrote the Blondie hit “Hanging On the Telephone” he’d be more noteworthy than all of us combined and then some. The irony is that only music publishing houses and fans of his former band, The Nerves, would know this. Sad, but that’s […]

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4 stars ★★★★ review of JAMES LEG “Blood On the Keys” from the ROOTS MUSIC REPORT

With vocals raw enough to put Tom Waits on notice, and keyboards and drums jammed in overdrive, James Leg kicks off a relentless assault of high voltage blues rock heavily dosed with a decidedly gonzo energy. – Duane Verh / READ THE REVIEW HERE

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Nice review of JAMES LEG “Blood On The Keys” from PENNYBLACKMUSIC

For his third solo album James Leg doesn’t stray from the template he laid down previously, and praise be for that. Once again Leg conjures an amazing rock and roll rumble from his piano while pouring his scouring howl of a voice into every song. – READ THE REVIEW HERE

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4 stars ★★★★ review of JAMES LEG “Blood On the Keys” from the TORONTO SUN

How do you like your blues? Southern-fried, soaked in bourbon and served with plenty of punk? Well, you’re in luck. That’s exactly what juke-joint singer-organist Leg is cooking up on his third album — though he spices things up with some violin-fuelled gypsy-rock sides and gritty boogie. As usual, everything comes topped with his Waitisian […]

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Great review of DATURA “Hairy Mountain” from URBERROCK

It’s easy to stick to what you know, to buy the latest release from an established band; to buy the latest pick from the usual magazines’ recommendations or to grab something hyped by the radio stations, but take a chance, take a step away from the masses and buy this album. You won’t be disappointed. […]

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