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4 stars ★★★★ review of DATURA4 “Hairy Mountain” from GET READY TO ROCK

With a fairly unique blend of ganja-grooves and big, retro-vocals, Datura4 have duxed it again with “Hairy Mountain” – they may be from beyond the Black Stump, but this album is ripper. Fire up the mull and tell me I’m wrong. – READ THE REVIEW HERE

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Awesome review of HOLLIS BROWN “Cluster Of Pearls” from NO DEPRESSION

Having already earned their kudos from the critics and found their way onto various TV and film soundtracks, Cluster of Pearls not only seems like further affirmation of their rapid rise, but also another promise of greater glories yet to come. – READ THE REVIEW HERE

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JAMES LEG “Blood On The Keys” review in ELMORE MAGAZINE

With a backing band tight enough to handle any backbeat and shuffle Leg throws out, this crew packs as much musical badassery into a lean 35 minutes as your usual rocker manages in two hours. They leave your eardrums ringing before the opener “Human Lawn Dart” is over (and that title nicely shows the attitude […]

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4 stars ★★★★ review of JAMES LEG “Blood On The Keys” from ALL MUSIC

Punk blues eccentric James Leg returns with the aptly titled Blood on the Keys, his third solo effort since shelving his flagship project the Black Diamond Heavies. Fans of the gutter-voiced keyboardist’s signature sound will no doubt find some of what initially put him on the map, but with Blood on the Keys, he continues […]

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Giving It Everything He Has…And More : JAMES LEG featured in the CHATTANOOGA PULSE

James Leg’s latest solo effort “Blood on the Keys” is flat out amazing By Marc Michael I have written a lot of words about music in the last few years. Taken as a whole, I’ve done more writing about music than all the writing I did in high school and college combined, including the papers […]

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Awesome review of JAMES LEG “Blood On The Keys” from I94 BAR

This is without doubt some of the rawest soul/blues/punk rock ‘n’ roll and coolest Fender Rhodes electric piano playing you’ll ever hear, along with the dirtiest Whiskey-smoked growl that has ever been put to tape. Yes, folks, this album is a winner. It’s dirtier and louder than most other things, and just fucking awesome. It’s […]

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Nice review of HOLLIS BROWN “Cluster Of Pearls” from GLIDE MAGAZINE

New York’s Hollis Brown has had a great couple of years. Last year saw the band opening up for Counting Crows on a country-wide tour of the U.S. and they are currently on a headlining tour of their own. The group brings together rock, country and blues to create their own timeless sound that listeners […]

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