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JAMES LEG’s new album “Below The Belt” reviewed in CLASSIC ROCK

All hail the Reverend. Let us consider the time-honoured gravel-throated rasp. Since being defined by Beefheart and Tom Waits, the ravaged buffalo scrotum holler has long been the refuge of those lacking singing chops or much personality. James Leg is the latest wracked carrier of the ruined distillery gargle and, from his first emission over […]

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★★★★ review of DATURA4 “Demon Blues” from GET READY TO ROCK

Lots going on with this album but it is cohesive, consistent and very, very listenable to. I keep hearing and reading that the album is dead and that people only download selected songs…for sure, your average music consumer today has a very short-attention span and is bombarded by content in the fragmented world we live […]

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★★★★½ review of DATURA4 “Demon Blues” in the SYDNEY MORNING HERALD

Dom Mariani’s (the Stems, Someloves​, the Domnicks​) debut Datura4 LP features one-time You Am I and New Christs guitarist Greg Hitchcock and they’re a rock ‘n’ roll marriage made in heaven. Originally coming together in 2011, Demon Blues represents the pair’s unbridled passion for guitar-soaked boogie and giant riffs that get up in ya face […]

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DaveDiMartino’s review of DATURA4 “Demon Blues”

An Australian combo featuring one-time members of the Stems, DM3, the New Christs and You Am I, Datura4 have taken all that is good about the shrieking and pounding that sonically preceded them, refined it via the garage, and on tracks like “Another Planet” emerged with something resembling soft-rockers America covering “Spirit In The Sky.” […]

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I’ve listened to the track “Whitebread n Beans” at least twenty times, and still have no idea what it’s about. You know why? When you hit the drums that hard, and play the guitar like you’re taking a hammer to the speaker cabinet, who gives a shit, that’s why. It’s exciting. it’s rock n roll. […]

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