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Live review of BEECHWOOD at BERLIN NYC

When Beechwood came on stage at Berlin tonight, Lawrence and Simons looked like androgynous models preparing for a fashion shoot, and Tineo looks like the tattooed guy who was going to steal your car while the others distracted you. Once the trio started rocking, however, Beechwood was all about high-energy rock and roll with garage-style […]

Great review of BEECHWOOD “Inside The Flesh Hotel” from STRANGE THINGS ARE HAPPENING

Over twelve great songs, Beechwood pull together sounds from the last 50 years of Garage/Psych/Alt Rock with shades of Bolan boogie on ‘Bigot in My Bedroom’, primitive Stooges riffing on ‘Nero’ and the Country lament of ‘Our Love Was Worth the Heartache’, complementing their solid spine of ballsy Rock ‘n’ Roll. – STRANGE THINGS ARE […]