★★★ ½ 3 and half star review of MARK ‘PORKCHOP’ HOLDER from GET READY TO ROCK

With an unmistakable fuzzy, bottom-end growl to his guitar playing, this is junkyard-dog blues at its best – sometimes it don’t need polishing to still be a diamond. The Porkchop’s second album is a classic delta blues ride except this one is splattered with mud, has had its muffler tampered with but is comfortable as hell and the one you want to leave the juke joint with. – READ THE REVIEW HERE

Joe from LEFT LANE CRUISER interviewed by VIVE LE ROCK

Donald Trump is a horrible human being. Every word out of his mouth is a giant turd coated in hate and now were all walking around stepping in his hateful shit. And hate breeds hate. It don’t die, it just multiply.

We wanted Bernie Sanders to be our president. But our crowds, much like the whole country, are pretty divided as far as who they support. I try to respect everyone’s beliefs. But I dont respect anything associated with Trump and his beliefs.

As a musician with a microphone and a room full of people, i could spit a lot of shit on that mic if I wanted to. And sometimes I do. But you can’t fight hate with more hate. You gotta break em down from the inside. Acknowledge other people’s perspective and history. Find where you share common ground and build from there. And for a lot of people, music is the common ground. Our shows are where people come together. I don’t want to divide them again. I hope we provide our fans with an opportunity to take their minds off the shit show for a moment. Realize that were all in it together.

4 star ★★★★ review of BUFFALO KILLERS “Alive And Well In Ohio” from GET READY TO ROCK

Still maintaining that jangly ‘60s feel that was so prevalent in the “San Francisco sound” promulgated by the likes of CSNY and the Byrds, the Buffalo Killers’ brotherly driving force of Zachary and Andrew Gabbard still manage to produce easy-on-the-ear ditties which have seen them secure coveted (and very logical) support slots to bands like The Black Crowes, North Mississippi All Stars and The Black Keys. Tracks like “Easy Tiger” and “Parachute” have a very British Invasion-era pop feel to them – not sure if that’s intended or a by-product of where their influences have led them thus far but it works. – READ THE REVIEW HERE


Mark “Porkchop” Holder has been a favorite around the Blurt Magazine break room since his time in the blues punk band Black Diamond Heavies. So when we had the opportunity to introduce you guys to his latest, “Coffin Lid” via a Blurt premiere, we clocked back in powered up the computer. – BLURT MAGAZINE HERE