DIRTY STREETS premiere new album “White Horse” via ALL MUSIC


​Memphis trio Dirty Streets brings the blues and the boogie on their latest album, White Horse. The band’s no-frills, less talk/more rock approach serves them well on the squealing “Looking For My Peace” and the down and dirty “Plain,” although there’s still time to mellow out a bit on a track like “Dust.” White Horse is due out on November 27 from Alive Naturalsound Records. – ALL MUSIC

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Free GOSPELBEACH track via KCRW Today’s Top Tune


GospelbeacH: Sunshine Skyway
From greater Los Angeles, GospelbeacH is the culmination of members of Beachwood Sparks, Everest, the Chris Robinson Brotherhood, the Tyde, and Ryan Adams and the Cardinals.


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TICKETS for RADIO MOSCOW’s live recording at The Satellite available now


Radio Moscow Double Live Recording at The Satellite
Thursday December 10th, 2015
and Friday December 11th, 2015


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10/10 review of DIRTY STREETS “White Horse” from MAXIMUM VOLUME


“White Horse” is an album that’s astounding in almost every single way. Rock n roll probably doesn’t need someone to come racing in on a trusty steed to save it, the old boy is still in pretty good health, even after all these years. That said, if rock n roll was feeling a bit depressed and you wanted someone to remind it how good it has been and can still be, then this might be the album to cheer it right up. – READ THE ENTIRE REVIEW ON THE MAXIMUM VOLUME SITE

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BUFFALO KILLERS working on their new album

Laying down pedal steel. @alivenaturalsound @howlerhillsfarm

A photo posted by BUFFALO KILLERS (@buffalokillers) on

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Nice review of DM3 “West Of Anywhere” from YAHOO MUSIC


If you’re looking for things you may have missed, and if you grew up in a mid-America best served by mall record stores like Musicland, there’s every chance in the world you missed out on Australia’s DM3 and you will go bonkers when you finally hear them. This set, which collects the best of the band’s three ‘90s albums, is a perfect distillation of what they were all about: Hooks, energy, power, and as trios go (Dom Mariani, Toni Italiano, Pascal Bartolone), not a single wasted note anywhere. Anyone captivated by the current Datura4—and captivated you should be—should check out DM3, as it features that band’s Mariani in perhaps more polished, less frenetic mode, but certainly equally as enjoyable. You and most everyone else will like this lots. – Dave DiMartino / YAHOO MUSIC

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5 stars ★★★★★ review of DM3 “West Of Anywhere” from BLURT Magazine


The Upshot: Beloved Aussie guitarist and songwriter Dom Mariani gets a proper, career-spanning anthology that demonstrates his power pop brilliance and then some.

Regardless of twist, every song here is a gem – finely crafted, enthusiastically performed, simply and straightforwardly produced. As a result, the DM3’s work holds up exceptionally well, sounding as fresh and exciting today as it did 20 years ago. Power pop enthusiasts will gravitate toward this without question, but fans of any kind of melodic rock & roll owe it to themselves to finally sample one of the best bands of the ‘90s. – Michael Toland / READ THE WHOLE REVIEW ON THE BLURT SITE

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Stream DM3 “West Of Anywhere” via GHETTOBLASTER


DM3 made their mark on the international power pop scene with three official albums from the mid-to-late ‘90s and are revered by fans and critics alike. Consisting of Dom Mariani (frontman of legendary Australian garage rockers The Stems & more recently the heavy-hitting rock band Datura4), Toni Italiano and Pascal Bartolone, this trio could, arguably, be the best power pop band Australia has produced. – MORE ON THE GHETTOBLASTER SITE

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Tickets for JAMES LEG’s UK/IRISH Tour now on sale



James Leg (aka John Wesley Myers of the Black Diamond Heavies) is set to release his second proper solo album, Below The Belt, later this summer. Back in his days with the Heavies, Leg laid the foundation for his solo work with his down-n-dirty keys, fervent live performances and trademark gruff howl mixed with equal measures of bourbon, butane & nicotine.

Following the success of both his acclaimed 2011 solo debut, Solitary Pleasure, and his 2012 joint venture with label-mates Left Lane Cruiser for the equally white-hot studio album, Painkillers, Leg recorded the tracks for Below The Belt earlier this year in the dead of winter with several guest musicians at Johnny Walker’s (Soledad Brothers, Cut In The Hill Gang) studio: Masonic Sounds located in a Masonic Lodge in Dayton, KY. The album was mixed by renowned producer/engineer Jim Diamond at Ghetto Recorders in Detroit.

Leg, the son of a Texas preacher, started playing piano when he was just six. Raised on southern gospel music, he began preaching at the church his father pastored at the age of 14. Two years later he became infected with the lure of rock-n-roll and eventually alcohol and drugs. It was this contrast of good & evil, heaven & hell that would affect not only his music – solo and otherwise – but also his impassioned live performances evoking some sort of fervid snake-handling Pentecostal preacher in the middle of a lung-busting, jugular-popping sermon (just replace the slippery vermin with a fifth of whiskey and Leg pounding on his signature Fender Rhodes and you get the picture).

On Below The Belt, the ghosts of Leg’s past haunt these 10 tracks. From the rafter-raising gospel cover of Sister Rosetta Tharpe’s “Up Above My Head,” to the menacing rocker of opening track “Dirty South,” the bluesy swagger of “Drink It Away” and an in-the-red cover of The Dirtbombs’ burning garage-rock stomper “Can’t Stop Thinking About It,” these numbers are guaranteed to loosen the floorboards of any juke-joint, dive bar or rock-n-roll piss-hole. Following a devilish re- working of The Cure’s “A Forest,” Leg ends the album with two decidedly more subdued tracks – “Disappearing” and the even gentler soulful ballad of “What More,” complete with heavenly call-and-response female harmonies. While this may suggest Leg moving towards a, dare we say, more mature musical direction, make no mistake that “Below The Belt” hits as hard and heavy as ever, and turns out to be one helluva rock-n-roll TKO.

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RADIO MOSCOW recording Double Live Gatefold album two nights at The SATELLITE


Radio Moscow is Parker Griggs on guitar and vocals, Anthony Meier on bass and Paul Marrone on drums. The band has five albums out now, all on Alive Records, including their self-titled debut (2007); Brain Cycles (2009); The Great Escape of Leslie Magnafuzz (2011); 3&3 Quarters (2012) and Magical Dirt (2014). They have toured the U.S. and Europe with acts like Graveyard, Witchcraft, Joe Bonamassa, Pentagram and Nebula. They shared the main stage at the Psycho California festival with Kylesa and Earth and performed in Europe at six festivals in July. Following their sold-out Mexico City debut, the band toured the U.S. in the fall with the Sheepdogs.

The band’s first album was recorded with Dan Auerbach (Black Keys). Dave DiMartino at Rolling Stone wrote “…you’ve got to love these guys—the band actively evokes all that was great about hard-rock trios of the ‘60s, the Blue Cheers, the Creams, etc., but does it with such gleeful abandon you’ve got to admire both their spirit and whatever time capsule they rode in on. Great fun.”

Radio Moscow Double Live Recording
at The Satellite
Thursday December 10th, 2015 and
Friday December 11th, 2015
Doors: 8:30 PM
Show: 9:00 PM
shows are 21 and over // tickets are $12 buy them HERE
special guests TBA

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