DaveDiMartino’s review of DATURA4 “Demon Blues”


An Australian combo featuring one-time members of the Stems, DM3, the New Christs and You Am I, Datura4 have taken all that is good about the shrieking and pounding that sonically preceded them, refined it via the garage, and on tracks like “Another Planet” emerged with something resembling soft-rockers America covering “Spirit In The Sky.” As sell-outs go? That’s hip. A great find for Alive Naturalsound, and a better one for you. Find ‘em, fool ‘em, but don’t Forget ‘em. – DaveDiMartino

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CLASSIC ROCK’S Tracks Of the Week : Datura4 “Out With The Tide”

Out With The Tide is a thundering chunk of Antipodean boogie-sleaze, and rocks like a pair of possums on a see-saw.– CLASSIC ROCK

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LEFT LANE CRUISER’S Dirty Spliff Blues Tour


LEFT LANE CRUISER’S Dirty Spliff Blues Tour
July 24 @ The Club Cigar — Great Falls, MT
July 25 @ The Filling Station — Bozeman, MT
July 26 @ Keefer’s Island — Idaho Falls, ID
July 28 @ River City Saloon — Hood River, OR
July 30 @ The Shakedown — Bellingham, WA
July 31 @ NW Deep Blues Fest — Little rock, WA
August 1 @ Blue Moon Tavern — Seattle, WA
August 2 @ Dante’s — Portland, OR
August 3 @ Volcanic Theater Pub — Bend, OR
August 6 @ Goldstein’s Mortuary and Delicatessen — Fresno, CA
August 7 @ The Redwood Bar — Los Angeles, CA
August 8 @ Harvelles — Long Beach, CA
August 9 @ The Grand Ole Echo (Day Show) — Los Angeles, CA
August 10 @ The Valley Bar — Phoenix, AZ
August 13 @ Gatsby’s — Austin, TX
September 3 @ New Vintage — Louisville, KY
September 4 @ Muddy Roots Fest — Cookeville, TN
September 9 @ Reggie’s — Chicago, IL
September 10 @ Bayport BBQ — Bayport, MN
September 11 @ Cold Shot — Appleton, WI
September 12 @ Dat Bar — Merrill, WI
October 2 @ 10th Ave Burrito – Belmar, NJ
October 3 @ Underdogma Fest — Fredericksburg, VA
October 4 @ Tellus 360 — Lancaster, PA
October 15 @ Deep Blues Fest — Shack Up Inn/Clarksdale, MS
October 20 @ The Cluny — Newcastle, UK
October 22 @ The Half Moon — Cardiff, UK
October 22 @ Sneaky Pete’s — Edinburgh, UK
October 23 @ The Soup Kitchen — Manchester, UK
October 24 @ The Railway Hotel — Southend, UK
October 25 @ Oslo — London, UK

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GOSPELBEACH live at The Standard for Desert Nights

GospelbeacH live at the Standard for Desert Nights

A video posted by Patrick Boissel (@alivenaturalsound) on

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DIFFUSER.FM premieres JAMES LEG’s new single “Above My Head”

JAMES LEG announces new album for the summer

Dirty. Gritty. Awesome. There may be no words that better describe the rock and roll chaos that is James Leg. Needless to say, we’ve quickly become big fans, so we’re beyond excited to team up with Leg to premiere the brand-new track from his upcoming sophomore solo effort, Below the Belt, today (July 13) — take “Up Above My Head” for a spin in the audio player below. DIFFUSER.FM premieres JAMES LEG’s new single “Above My Head”.

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The DIRTY STREETS have finished their new album


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GOSPELBEACH “Sunshine Skyway” made the 24th Uncut Playlist Of 2015

UNCUT : 18 key records played in the Uncut office this past week…

One of the several hundred things I didn’t manage to mention in my Grateful Dead feature this week was the role played by Neal Casal in Fare Thee Well, as composer of interval music which felt beamed in from the middle of a particularly serpentine jam at the Fillmore circa 1968.

Before witnessing the excellence of Trey Anastasio in action, Casal was my dark horse pick as Garcia sub for these shows, chiefly thanks to his work in the Chris Robinson Brotherhood – the one band I’ve encountered, these past few years, who seem to most effectively channel the possibilities presented by the Dead. A few weeks ago, I also came across this amazing set by Phil Lesh And Friends featuring Casal; a Fare Thee Well Pre-Compression warm-up, with a focus on the same heavy ’60s repertoire that dominated Night One in Santa Clara.

By some serendipitous karma, just as I was finishing my Dead piece, a new album prominently featuring Casal turned up at the office. “Pacific Surf Line” is by a band called Gospelbeach that features the Beachwood Sparks’ Brent Rademaker alongside Casal, and it’s a knowing but hugely enjoyable attempt to cut a vintage path between Topanga Canyon and Marin County.

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DATURA4 “Demon Blues” out today on Vinyl, CD, and Digital



“Heavy blues-inflected psych rock… the band’s debut wallows in guitars the way a lobbyist rolls in money.” – BLURT
“Demon Blues is pretty much satisfaction guaranteed.” – VIVE LE ROCK
“A happy marriage of the hard-edged and the hooky.” – I-94 BAR
“High-swagger boogie and blues-rock, psychedelic guitar exploration, simple first-generation hard rock, and just the slightest dash of garage rock sneer and fuzz for flavoring.” – ALL MUSIC
“As psyched-out, louder-than-Sabbath blues goes, this record is out there on its own.” – The BLUES MAGAZINE

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