MARK PORKCHOP HOLDER’s new song “Disappearing” featured in The CHATTANOOGA PULSE

Mark “Porkchop” Holder Is No Disappearing Act

Known for his blistering guitar and raw power, “Disappearing” shows another side of Holder, a slinky, slick slide piece that proves the point that Holder can exercise restraint when it suits him. The result is a tune that—if the rest of his music is burning stage lights, hot vacuum tubes and sweat—is a cool breeze blowing over the audience. – CHATTANOOGA PULSE

★★★ 3 star review of JACK LEE “Bigger Than Life” from RECORD COLLECTOR magazine

Following 2008’s One Way Ticket, featuring reworked Nerves and solo songs, Alive have compiled this set on which tracks such as Crime Doesn’t Pay, Paper Dolls and I’m Gonna Have Fun crystallise the upbeat US bubblegum jangle of the 70s with big melodic choruses and heartfelt yearning delivered in his reedy voice.
Oddly, such was their consummate makeover of Lee’s sole hit it’s possible to fantasise Blondie taking several tracks to their swooning pop heaven. Unsurprisingly, his version’s the highlight here but Lee’s talent obviously deserves wider recognition. – Kris Needs / RECORD COLLECTOR

Great review of JACK LEE “Bigger Than Life” from ELMORE MAGAZINE

While he hits his stride throughout, the power ballad ”The Girl in the Picture” and the purposeful “Breaking Into My Heart” inject depth and diversity into his singular stance.

Skilled songwriters have been rock ‘n’ roll’s secret weapon since the beginning, so credit Jack Lee with continuing in that hallowed tradition. – Lee Zimmerman / ELMORE MAGAZINE