8/10 review of DIRTY STREETS “White Horse” from CLASSIC ROCK magazine


Memphis power trio’s heavyweight fourth album.

Still in their 20s but sounding decades older, Dirty Streets have been making a name for themselves since 2009’s Portrait Of A Man.

Where 2013’s Blades Of Grass married Blue Cheer, Humble Pie and RL Burnside’s hill country crank, their latest is boosted by further rich strains, such as Creedence primitivism or acoustic southern rock.

The monolithic riffage and Justin Toland’s assured vocals on behemoths such as Looking For My Peace and Good Pills show that when it comes to taking volcanic early-70s-style blues rock to modern times, Dirty Streets are now furlongs ahead. – Kris Needs / CLASSIC ROCK

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GOSPELBEACH makes the American Songwriter’s Top 50 Albums list of 2015


43. GospelbeacH: Pacific Surf Line

We made two resolutions last year: listen to more music and spend more time at the beach. And ideally, listen to music while at the beach. Ideally, we wanted to listen to the groovin’ country choogle of GospelbeacH. We are very proud to tell you that we successfully accomplished all of those things in 2015. Go us! Pacific Surf Line was the soundtrack to our late-autumn wave runs, when we need hot tunes to warm us up before paddling out into the cold, cold ocean. Featuring Beachwood Sparks’ Brent Rademaker and Chris Robinson Brotherhood’s Neal Casal, GospelbeacH’s harmony-driven surf-hippie odyssey is one of the year’s most humorous. You can hear the smile behind every syllable, feel the fun in every fuzzy chord and westerly swell of pedal steel. On “Out of My Mind (On Cope and Reed)” and “Sunshine Skyway,”GospelbeacH trade licks and quips like old bar buddies for an effect that’s timeless and enduring. – COMPLETE LIST HERE

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DIRTY STREETS premiere new album “White Horse” via ALL MUSIC


​Memphis trio Dirty Streets brings the blues and the boogie on their latest album, White Horse. The band’s no-frills, less talk/more rock approach serves them well on the squealing “Looking For My Peace” and the down and dirty “Plain,” although there’s still time to mellow out a bit on a track like “Dust.” White Horse is due out on November 27 from Alive Naturalsound Records. – ALL MUSIC

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Free GOSPELBEACH track via KCRW Today’s Top Tune


GospelbeacH: Sunshine Skyway
From greater Los Angeles, GospelbeacH is the culmination of members of Beachwood Sparks, Everest, the Chris Robinson Brotherhood, the Tyde, and Ryan Adams and the Cardinals.


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TICKETS for RADIO MOSCOW’s live recording at The Satellite available now


Radio Moscow Double Live Recording at The Satellite
Thursday December 10th, 2015
and Friday December 11th, 2015


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10/10 review of DIRTY STREETS “White Horse” from MAXIMUM VOLUME


“White Horse” is an album that’s astounding in almost every single way. Rock n roll probably doesn’t need someone to come racing in on a trusty steed to save it, the old boy is still in pretty good health, even after all these years. That said, if rock n roll was feeling a bit depressed and you wanted someone to remind it how good it has been and can still be, then this might be the album to cheer it right up. – READ THE ENTIRE REVIEW ON THE MAXIMUM VOLUME SITE

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BUFFALO KILLERS working on their new album

Laying down pedal steel. @alivenaturalsound @howlerhillsfarm

A photo posted by BUFFALO KILLERS (@buffalokillers) on

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Nice review of DM3 “West Of Anywhere” from YAHOO MUSIC


If you’re looking for things you may have missed, and if you grew up in a mid-America best served by mall record stores like Musicland, there’s every chance in the world you missed out on Australia’s DM3 and you will go bonkers when you finally hear them. This set, which collects the best of the band’s three ‘90s albums, is a perfect distillation of what they were all about: Hooks, energy, power, and as trios go (Dom Mariani, Toni Italiano, Pascal Bartolone), not a single wasted note anywhere. Anyone captivated by the current Datura4—and captivated you should be—should check out DM3, as it features that band’s Mariani in perhaps more polished, less frenetic mode, but certainly equally as enjoyable. You and most everyone else will like this lots. – Dave DiMartino / YAHOO MUSIC

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5 stars ★★★★★ review of DM3 “West Of Anywhere” from BLURT Magazine


The Upshot: Beloved Aussie guitarist and songwriter Dom Mariani gets a proper, career-spanning anthology that demonstrates his power pop brilliance and then some.

Regardless of twist, every song here is a gem – finely crafted, enthusiastically performed, simply and straightforwardly produced. As a result, the DM3’s work holds up exceptionally well, sounding as fresh and exciting today as it did 20 years ago. Power pop enthusiasts will gravitate toward this without question, but fans of any kind of melodic rock & roll owe it to themselves to finally sample one of the best bands of the ‘90s. – Michael Toland / READ THE WHOLE REVIEW ON THE BLURT SITE

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