Monthly Archive: February 2019

Aussie rockers DATURA4 announce new album “Blessed is the Boogie” via BILLBOARD

Blessed Is the Boogie certainly wears the group’s debt to John Lee Hooker and other boogie masters proudly on its sleeve. But tracks such as “Not For Me” and “Cat on a Roof” are more expansive and compositionally ambitious, while the acoustic-flavored “City of Lights” hews toward some of Mariani’s power-pop background. – BILLBOARD HERE

BEECHWOOD “Trash Glamour” featured by LOUDER/CLASSIC ROCK – Tracks Of The Week

Trashy, sexy garage rock’n’roll noise from New York now, complete with stabbing bluesy hook and psychy haziness, Taken from their fittingly titled debut album Trash Glamour – originally written in 2013, when bandmates Gordon Lawrence and Isa Tineo were still teenagers hooked on the Stones and the Stooges. – CLASSIC ROCK