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The COUCH SESSIONS review of HOLLIS BROWN “Ride On The Train”

REVIEW: Hollis Brown – Ride on the Train By Michael Carlos he New York City-based rock group Hollis Brown released their second full-length, Ride on the Train, a couple of weeks back and I was initially hesitant about writing a review. It’s not that the record isn’t excellent because it most certainly is. The dilemma […]

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Swamp Dogg Speaks :: The Aquarium Drunkard Interview Jerry Williams Jr. didn’t adopt the handle “Swamp Dogg” in the early ‘70s in order to confuse, obfuscate, or mislead anyone. To hear the man tell it, he took on the name because it was imperative to do so. “It was born out of a necessity, to […]

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EAR TO THE GROUND review of HOLLIS BROWN “Ride On The Train”

BY Greg Jones Ride on the Train is an album that a lot of people are going to love for its multi-generational appeal. But besides that, it’s just good rock music. It’s hard to peg a specific sound on it. There are no “skip” songs on this album though. Be prepared to keep it in […]

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Tha Real Mother****ing Doggfather WRITTEN BY David Marchese Jerry “Swamp Dogg” Williams is a cult hero with a painful history who’s responsible for some of the most unique rock-influenced R&B (and weirdest album covers) ever made. And he also happens to be a pioneering indie mini-mogul. DAVID MARCHESE traveled to Southern California to get down […]

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ALL MUSIC review of HOLLIS BROWN “Ride On The Train”

New York City’s Hollis Brown (a band, not a person) have a tight, sparse classic rock sound that incorporates melodic pop, slight country touches, and, underneath it all, a kind of bedrock blues sensibility, and when they’re at their best, they sound like all of those things at once, a bit like hearing Steve Earle […]

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