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ELMORE MAGAZINE premieres HOLLIS BROWN “Cluster Of Pearls”

Hollis Brown Premieres a California Country-Rock Track, “Cluster of Pearls” It’s a shuffling, heartbroken California-country anthem spruced up by vibrant, fuzzed-out slide guitar. Montali’s wounded warble is sure to strain the heartstrings of listeners, forcing them to croon and sway along, feeling every emotion he’s expressing in the track as he sings “we were young… […]

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POPMATTERS premieres HOLLIS BROWN “Don’t Want to Miss You”

New York’s Hollis Brown is masterful in their approach to American roots music, with the band drawing from rock ‘n’ roll, soul, country, and a bit of blues. Hollis Brown inhabits these musical forms with a surprising degree of naturalness given their youth and they look to become a seminal figure in the thriving and […]

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JAMES LEG premieres “Hugging The Line” via NO DEPRESSION

If you’re a fan of gunnite gypsy punk with a rocksteady back beat, James Leg is your eternal ediface. There is nothing like a Leg record and there never will be, no one plays like him, no one growls like him, and certainly no one rocks like him. He’s a world travelled stalwart and will […]

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RADIO MOSCOW premieres “City Lights (live)” via Glide Magazine!

The trio of Stratocaster wizard Parker Griggs, bassist Anthony Meier and drummer Paul Marrone thrive together in the live setting, bouncing sonically off one another and their audience as they unleash a torrent of psychedelic blues. Both onstage and over the course of their five albums, the members of Radio Moscow are masters at delivering […]

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Listen to the premiere of RADIO MOSCOW’s “250 Miles/Brain Cycles (Live)” via ALL MUSIC

​Blues-rock trio Radio Moscow blends two of their tunes together in this cut from their upcoming live album, Live! In California. The band has made its name on the touring circuit, bringing the lineage of the power trio around the world, so it makes sense that their live album displays the band at full strength, […]

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The Huffington Post premieres SULFUR CITY “Talking Loud”

The Huffington Post premieres SULFUR CITY “Talking Loud”

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SPILL premieres SULFUR CITY’S “War Going On”

“Joan Jett said, ‘Rock and roll is political, it is a meaningful way to express descent, stir up the status quo, stir up revolution and fight for human rights.’ The song ‘War Going On’ is just that, calling out the War on humanity that’s hidden in shiny, glittery advertisements telling us what we need: to […]

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SULFUR CITY premieres “Ride With Me” via GLIDE MAGAZINE

On Sulfur City’s forthcoming studio album Talking Loud, which drops May 27th on Alive Naturalsound Records, the band can be found firing on all cylinders with their bluesy psychedelic rock that seems to have been transported straight from the 60′s and 70′s. Between the loose, funky organ, mind-bending guitars and drumming, and of course the […]

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