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SULFUR CITY premieres “Ride With Me” via GLIDE MAGAZINE

On Sulfur City’s forthcoming studio album Talking Loud, which drops May 27th on Alive Naturalsound Records, the band can be found firing on all cylinders with their bluesy psychedelic rock that seems to have been transported straight from the 60′s and 70′s. Between the loose, funky organ, mind-bending guitars and drumming, and of course the […]

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SULFUR CITY announces debut album “Talking Loud” for May

Canadian rock band Sulfur City‘s new album features front woman Lori Paradis enjoying a bit of musical ecstasy, an image that evokes a Janis Joplin LP cover. It’s a clever strategy in making that connection as it highlight the band’s greatest asset, their superlative lead vocalist. Thing is, Sulfur City really are a rawk band, […]

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Listen to The BONNEVILLES’ album “Arrow Pierce My Heart” via the HUFFINGTON POST

Listen to the entire album here

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The BIG TAKEOVER premieres The BONNEVILLES “The Electric Company”

With St. Patrick’s Day just around the corner, what better time to share this emerald from Northern Ireland-based duo The Bonnevilles. Don’t be expecting a reel or jig, or Bonoesque bombast; these lads look to Chicago and the Deep South for their muse. As the story goes, vocalist/guitarist Andrew McGibbon, Jr. was moved to create […]

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GHETTOBLASTER premieres The BONNEVILLES “No Law In Lurgan”

“This song is about a fictionalized killing. I use the name of my hometown of Lurgan in it, which may not be very wise but it fitted so I went with it. Although the event is fictional, Lurgan still has a bad reputation from the days of the Troubles. In fact, another track on the […]

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NO DEPRESSION premieres The BONNEVILLES “I’ve Come Too Far For Love To Die”

From Lurgan, Ireland, The Bonnevilles… Self-annointed a garage, punk, blues outfit like an arrow piercing my very own heart, lovers of heavy licks and head knockin’ back beats need apply in droves. McGibbon’s song writing is never suspect, influenced from those before yet soaked and steadily glazed in a brine of “cheap beer and buckfast” […]

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The BONNEVILLES “The Whiskey Lingers” premiered by POPMATTERS

Northern Ireland’s the Bonnevilles are steeped in the blues and they enliven and amp up their sound by playing as a duo with Andrew McGibbon Jr. on vocals and guitar and Chris McMullan on drums. – READ THE POST ON THE POPMATTERS SITE

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KING MUD premieres “Back It Up” via PURE VOLUME

Fans may not be familiar with King Mud yet, but it’s the project of rockers Van Campbell of Black Diamond Heavies and Freddy J IV of Left Lane Cruiser. The duo are joined by Parker Griggs of Radio Moscow to round out the lineup for their upcoming album Victory Motel Sessions. which was created in […]