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Listen to JACK LEE’S “Hanging On The Telephone” via GHETTOBLASTER

This track was originally written by Jack and recorded by his pioneering ’70s power-pop band The Nerves for their 1976 EP. It was also better known as an early hit for Blondie in 1978. This version of the track was originally re-recorded for Jack’s 1981 solo album Jack Lee’s Greatest Hits, Vol. 1, which has […]

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Listen to JACK LEE’S “I’m Gonna Have Fun” via ELMORE MAGAZINE

Elmore is excited to premiere a track from the anthology, Jack Lee’s infectious, rabble-rousing gem, “I’m Gonna Have Fun.” Ramones-like in its rhythmic intensity and simple, shoutable lyrics, it’s a care-free mantra for the hard-partying, rebellious kids of any generation. “I’m gonna have fun no matter what I gotta do/no matter how drunk I gotta […]

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DATURA4 premieres “Trolls” from “Hairy Mountain” via MAXIMUM VOLUME

Western Australia’s Datura4 are unveiling their second album later this week, and we’ve got their vintage ’70s psych rocker “Trolls” to premiere today. The song is pretty killer, and would have been at home on the Dazed and Confused soundtrack. So, what we’re saying is you better jam on this crank the volume to 11. […]

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DATURA4 premieres “Fools Gold Rush” video via ROLLING STONE AU

Western Australian rock ‘n’ roll purists, Datura4, have just let loose the latest single from their forthcoming new album, Hairy Mountain. The track, “Fools Gold Rush”, builds in true ’70s psych-rock form, swirling from guitar-led turmoil to shoegaze clearings of reflection. The clip aptly follows that lead, overlapping shadowed performance shots with grainy VHS dream […]

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PURE VOLUME premieres JAMES LEG’S new song!

Singer/songwriter James Leg is an artist we’ve loved for a while. In a few weeks, the singer with the booming, soulful vocals is releasing a new album and we’re premiering the title track,”Blood on the Keys,” from that collection. – MORE ON THE PURE VOLUME SITE

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The BONNEVILLES premiere their new video “No Law In Lurgan” via POPMATTERS

Sometimes less truly is more as the two-person band set-up of the Bonnevilles allows each musician to shine as well as showcase their prodigious musical talents. Meanwhile, the music rings raw and true and full of heart. You can witness this aestethic on the band’s new video, “No Law in Lurgan”, from their recent LP […]

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ELMORE MAGAZINE : JAMES LEG Unleashes Reckless, Rock ‘N Roll Fury on “Human Lawn Dart”

In the Black Diamond Heavies, the Immortal Lee County Killers, the Cut In The Hill Gang, he was John Wesley Myers. Now, you can lose the formality and call him- simply- James Leg, a moniker for a sneering, whiskey fueled, son-of-a-preacher, punk rocker of a long gone order. Barely off the heels of his 2015 […]

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ELMORE MAGAZINE premieres HOLLIS BROWN “Cluster Of Pearls”

Hollis Brown Premieres a California Country-Rock Track, “Cluster of Pearls” It’s a shuffling, heartbroken California-country anthem spruced up by vibrant, fuzzed-out slide guitar. Montali’s wounded warble is sure to strain the heartstrings of listeners, forcing them to croon and sway along, feeling every emotion he’s expressing in the track as he sings “we were young… […]

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POPMATTERS premieres HOLLIS BROWN “Don’t Want to Miss You”

New York’s Hollis Brown is masterful in their approach to American roots music, with the band drawing from rock ‘n’ roll, soul, country, and a bit of blues. Hollis Brown inhabits these musical forms with a surprising degree of naturalness given their youth and they look to become a seminal figure in the thriving and […]

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