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Premiere: LEFT LANE CRUISER got stoned & wrote some raunchy blues rock on ‘Dirty Spliff Blues’

Premiere: Left Lane Cruiser got stoned & wrote some raunchy blues rock on 'Dirty Spliff Blues' http://t.co/WiJRoxmZ0b pic.twitter.com/2o7lAqp1ht — AllMusic (@allmusic) June 8, 2015

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Listen to LEFT LANE CRUISER’s new album “Dirty Spliff Blues” in its entirety via ALL MUSIC

“This album was written entirely under the guidance and influence of marijuana. No dirty spliffs (joints with a mix of tobacco and pot) were used in the making of this record.” – FREDDY J IV LISTEN THE WHOLE ALBUM HERE

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HIGH TIMES magazine premieres LEFT LANE CRUISER’s new song “Cutting Trees”

LISTEN THE SONG VIA HIGH TIMES MAGAZINE “This new album is a testament to the struggles of being a band on the road without weed, the journey we undertake in pursuit of sufficient THC levels, and the beauty of getting stoned and breaking off some crusty, dirty jams. When the cops take our weed they […]

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MAGNET premieres THE BLOODHOUNDS new video of “Wild Little Rider”

L.A.-based rock group the Bloodhounds recently released their Let Loose! and now share a video for first single “Wild Little Rider.” The track is a burst of energy, and the clip accompanies the madness well. It shows the members of the band playing their instruments and looking cool while also shredding on a harmonica. We […]

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ROLLING STONE Australia premieres DATURA4 first single “Demon Blues”

Elements of hard-lined blues remain evident, but are primarily smoothed out by a dominant, free-formed ’70s psych sparsity. Those sprawling soundscapes themselves threaten explosive outbreaks yet are reigned in further with a defining boogie, a heavy footstomp of swagger that sets a more contemporary course. – Johnny Nail ROLLING STONE AUSTRALIA HERE

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GHETTOBLASTER premieres LEFT LANE CRUISER’s song “Whitebread n Beans”

Today, Ghettoblaster is pleased to share the exclusive song premiere for Left Lane Cruiser’s new track “Whitebread n’ Beans.” This is what Freddy J IV had to say about it: “The song’s name came from my drummer Pete Dio. It’s in reference to, as Pete puts it, a Mexican and a hillbilly had a baby. […]

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CELEBSTONER premieres LEFT LANE CRUISER’s “Dirty Spliff Blues”

Evans tells CelebStoner: “The first verse is painting the picture of being on the flight to Europe with no weed in our possession. THC levels are dangerously low. The song is basically a cry for help. Do not marry the marijuana with the dirty, brown tobacco. That’s the ‘Dirty Spliff Blues’.” “Let’s free the people […]

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LEFT LANE CRUISER new song “Tres Borrachos” featured on CLASSIC ROCK “Tracks Of The Week”

Left Lane Cruiser – Tres Borrachos Scuzzy bluesy rock’n’roll, straight from the Mississippi swamp, via a punk club. Now on their fifth album, Left Lane Cruiser have mastered the art of “hillbilly punk-blues” that “roars like a modal, tweaking chainsaw”. No actual chainsaws were involved in the making of this, as far as we know, […]

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DIFFUSER.FM premieres “Girls Of Today (demo)” from the SHOES RSD album

In the mid-‘70s, along the shores of Lake Michigan in the small town of Zion, Ill., brothers John and Jeff Murphy and Gary Klebe joined forces to create the iconic power-pop outfit, Shoes. Over the past four decades, Shoes have amassed a massive, fabled catalog of rock tunes and for this year’s edition of Record […]

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