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★★★★ 4 star review of DIRTY STREETS “Rough and Tumble” via the ROOTS MUSIC REPORT

This tough, tight Memphis trio checks all the appropriate blues/rock boxes, serving up a rock-solid, “live”-in-the-studio set. Guitarist Justin Toland’s vocals induce early Black Crowes flashbacks on respectable originals and a pair of killer Joe South covers- “Tell The Truth” and “Walk a Mile in My Shoes”. Good stuff.  – Duane Verh / ROOTS MUSIC […]

Nice review of DIRTY STREETS “Rough and Tumble” via AMERICAN SONGWRITER

Fans of Free and Humble Pie back in the day, will find these slots perfectly into your collection. Include the Dirty Streets to a playlist of similar 70s acts and be prepared for friends to ask about this band they don’t recognize from 40 some years ago. That’s likely the biggest compliment anyone could pay […]