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4 stars ★★★★ review of GOSPELBEACH “Pacific Surf Line” from BLURT Magazine

There are a handful of songs that grab you immediately, like “Mick Jones,” “California Steamer,” “Out Of My Mind (On Cope and Reed,)” and “Alone,” all undeniably instant classics. Some other numbers were more like creepers, that grew on me after several hearings; “Southern Girl,” “Your Freedom,” “Damsel In Distress,” to point to a few. […]

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GOSPELBEACH review in ELMORE Magazine

Pacific Surf Line, conveys a style that bears testimony to the album title, a series of sun-drenched, softly shimmering Southern California rock tunes that pay due reverence to both the Beach Boys and Neil Young in nearly equal measure. The dreamy designs soaked through songs like “Sunshine Skyway” and “Southern Girl” boast the breezy aural […]

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Gospelbeach is simultaneously a brand new band and a veteran band. They’re helmed by Brent Rademaker who fronts Beachwood Sparks and features battle- tested folk like guitarist Neal Casal, amongst others. Their debut album Pacific Surf Line has the feel of guys playing the music they want to play and having a blast doing it. […]

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GOSPELBEACH makes the American Songwriter’s Top 50 Albums list of 2015

43. GospelbeacH: Pacific Surf Line We made two resolutions last year: listen to more music and spend more time at the beach. And ideally, listen to music while at the beach. Ideally, we wanted to listen to the groovin’ country choogle of GospelbeacH. We are very proud to tell you that we successfully accomplished all […]

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Free GOSPELBEACH track via KCRW Today’s Top Tune

GospelbeacH: Sunshine Skyway From greater Los Angeles, GospelbeacH is the culmination of members of Beachwood Sparks, Everest, the Chris Robinson Brotherhood, the Tyde, and Ryan Adams and the Cardinals. LISTEN TO THE EPISODE HERE

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