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It’s still rock and roll to me : The BONNEVILLES, DATURA4, The BLOODHOUNDS, PAUL COLLINS, and PRIMA DONNA via The Vancouver Sun

It’s still rock and roll to me: Tom Harrison’s album reviews here “What kind of music do you play?” When I was in a band, I always hated that question. I’d answer, “Rock and roll,” knowing that said nothing. Too many eras, too many styles, and we didn’t come from or fit any of them. […]

The BLOODHOUNDS European tour

2015.06.25 Warsaw (PL) @ Kurort 2015.06.26 tBA 2015.06.27 Milicz (PL) @ American Cars Mania 2015.06.28 Milicz (PL) @ American Cars Mania 2015.06.29 TBA 2015.06.30 Karlsruhe (DE) @ Scruffys Irish Pub 2015.07.01 Frankfurt (DE) @ Tiefelgrund 2015.07.02 Moorslede (BE) @ De Nodige Deugd 2015.07.03 Utrecht (NL) @ dBs 2015.07.04 Elsloo (NL) @ Conincx Pop Festival 2015.07.04 […]


NEWSLETTER June 2015 Here’s the latest from Alive records! East Los Angeles’ quartet The BLOODHOUNDS is heading for Europe later this month. The band will be performing in Poland, Belgium, The Netherlands, UK, France, Germany, and Italy. The BLOODHOUNDS’ sound has been described as a blend of “punk, hard R&B, electric blues and garage rock […]

MAGNET premieres THE BLOODHOUNDS new video of “Wild Little Rider”

L.A.-based rock group the Bloodhounds recently released their Let Loose! and now share a video for first single “Wild Little Rider.” The track is a burst of energy, and the clip accompanies the madness well. It shows the members of the band playing their instruments and looking cool while also shredding on a harmonica. We […]

The BLOODHOUNDS Let Loose In Europe 2015

European Tour dates, ONLY 7 WEEKS till the Bloodhound fever hits!! #LetLooseInEurope2015 6/25 Warszawa, Poland @ Kurort 6/27 Milicz, Poland @ American cars Mania 6/28 Milicz, Poland @ American cars Mania 6/28 TBA, Poland 6/28 TBA, Poland 7/2 Moorslede, Belgium @De Nodige Deugd 7/3 Utrecht, Netherlands @ dBs 7/4 Elsloo, Netherlands @ Conincx Pop Festival […]



The BLOODHOUNDS live at Origami records

When listening to the Bloodhounds, my whole collection of oldies went through my mind in a few minutes, not that it is a bad thing, on the contrary, the quartet is a true-to-the-core 60’s R&B revival and they play it with a real conviction. The Bloodhounds were playing an in-store at Origami Vinyl on Saturday […]

BLURT MAGAZINE : Bloodhounds’ RSD Contribution to Alive 2LP Set

Easily one of the more exciting new bands we got turned on to last year was L.A.’s Nuggets-powered Latino rockers the Bloodhounds—the Blurt braintrust was so goddam Bloodhounds crazy that we even took the bait when a full digital stream of their Let Loose album was offered by their label Alive Naturalsound for the website. […]