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★★★½ 3 and half star review of JAMES LEG “Blood On The Keys” from TEAMROCK/CLASSIC ROCK

Blessed with the kind of subterranean growl that almost makes Tom Waits sound like a choirboy, former Black Diamond Heavies singer and keyboardist James Leg – the nom de plume of John Wesley Myers – has done much to pull the blues away from any number of pub bores and six-string technicians who regularly sanitise […]

SULFUR CITY “Talking Loud” review via TEAMROCK

Canadian roots-rockers broaden the scope of the blues. Sulfur City are a Canadian blue-collar roots-rocking outfit fronted by the electric washboard-playing vocalist Lori Paradis. Their visceral brand of blues is sparked by the passionate expression of meaningful narratives, as they power their way through grunge, punk, funk, soul and Cajun influences. – READ THE REVIEW […]


Garage punk-blues duo come roaring out of Northern Ireland. by Julian Marszalek – Yours is a very filthy sound. The sound of distorted blues is the sound of the soul. And the punk scene has filtered through, too. It’s the sound of life – it endures. A clean guitar doesn’t do that. – What was […]


After dog bites, dive bars and jailed drummers, the Memphis blues-rockers have hit paydirt. Justin Toland is channelling a higher power. “As a band, we’ve always just been able to tap into something,” considers the Dirty Streets frontman of his songwriting approach. “It’s something you can’t explain, but there’s a magical, mysterious thing out there. […]