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Listen to DATURA4 “Rule My World” via CLASSIC ROCK – Tracks of the Week

You might recognize Dom Mariani as the frontman of Aussie garage rockers The Stems, or 90s power-pop group DM3. Either way, he’s got form on the songwriting front, which translates beautifully into his new record with Datura4. This latest single – a filthy yet brightly melodic swirl of woozy 12-bar blues and stompy psychedelia – […]

BEECHWOOD “Trash Glamour” featured by LOUDER/CLASSIC ROCK – Tracks Of The Week

Trashy, sexy garage rock’n’roll noise from New York now, complete with stabbing bluesy hook and psychy haziness, Taken from their fittingly titled debut album Trash Glamour – originally written in 2013, when bandmates Gordon Lawrence and Isa Tineo were still teenagers hooked on the Stones and the Stooges. – CLASSIC ROCK