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“Live! At The Club Azteca” documents the legendary show the WEIRDOS performed at the SoCa club one hot night of 1978. The set is presented in its entirety.
The release is complete with photos taken on the actual night, shot by legendary photographer Melanie Nissen, and includes an insert with liner notes by Weirdos’ guitarist/songwriter, and founding member, Cliff Roman. It is an exciting document of an era when punk was young, loud and snotty, but also clever and fun. Destroy all music!

The 1977-1978 Weirdos were the hottest punk rock band America ever produced. Even with Dave Trout ably replaced by Masque DJ/Skulls bassist Bruce “Barf “Moreland (pre-Wall of Voodoo), the big four are here, smart/crazed singer John Denney, piledriving lead guitarist brother Dix Denney, thickening guitarist Cliff Roman (cool liner notes), and key, incredible drummer Nicky Beat (Alexander). Azteca, and that Masque tape, are The Weirdos’ entire 13-song set properly given all the massive chops, wild, hammering riffs, and art attack brilliance of their ungodly 1978 two-song Dangerhouse single! As great as their two volume retrospective is, this is the real Weirdos, at full-power, destroying an audience (let along “all music,” like their first single, aired here). They should have gotten signed, and, like X, made albums with Dangerhouse sound quality, and left all speechless. But with Azteca now official, everyone can hear “I’m Plastic” (“I’m From Hollywood”) and “It Means Nothing,” with Denney’s barrelhouse, earthshaking vocals searing an f-ing hole in your head and nervous system. It’s like the bomb dropped. – Jack Rabid / The Big Takeover