“Hair Of” EL PERRO out now on VINYL, CD, and Digital

With apologies to Jon Spencer, this band should be called Parker Griggs Blues Explosion as the singer/guitarist delivers brimstone-and-fire, heavy psychedelic blues rock with spit and swagger. THE BIG TAKEOVER

The heady combination of psych-rock, funk, Latin rock, and soul come together in one blistering wave of shredding. Indeed, this may be a new direction for the Radio Moscow musician, but it is still 100% cranked guitar rock at the core. – GLIDE MAGAZINE

Hair Of… is a burner that stands out for engaging with funk as it does and winding up neither in a mire of cultural appropriation nor a retread of past ideas. It sounds fresh, and so it is. And one imagines that, taken to the stage, these songs are all the more powerful, swinging and swaggering. – THE OBELISK