Nice review of The BOBBY LEES “Skin Suit” via THE SAMPLER – RNZ (NZ)

There’s the classic punk cocktail of dissolute boredom and gleefully mischief in these songs that I haven’t heard anyone render quite so forcefully in a long time. In the tradition of early punks like Richard Hell and Johnny Rotten, Quartin’s stance is anti-romantic. She’s more inclined to sing about lust than love. The sex in her songs is urgent and sleazy.

At twenty-five, Quartin is by far the eldest member of The Bobby Lees. Guitarist Nick Casa is only seventeen and the bass player and drummer aren’t much older, but what they produce is no amateur racket. Punk is often characterised as a music where energy and attitude make up for musical skill, but in The Bobby Lees you get both and then some. In particular, drummer Macky Bowman is a monster, whipping up a percussive storm. – READ THE REVIEW HERE