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• Oozing with edgy cut-throat energy and cool, sleazy grace. – IT STARTS WITH A BRIMSTONE

• Authentic rock ‘n’ roll! – POWER OF POP

• Brings the late ’60s into the ’00s. – GRUNGECAKE

• A darkly shimmering rock ’n’ roll record of bruising timelessness. – THE VILLAGE VOICE

• Recalls the best moments of the Zombies and Beach Boys. – POPMATTERS

• Run a pretty wide gamut of scuzz from garage to glam to punk to indie that’s not that easy to date. – STEREOGUM

• A mash up of a bunch of different rock that collectively just scream cool. – POP DUST

• Piece together the best of rock throughout the ages. – BUFFALO BLOG

• Exquisite music taste and ideas make them seem from another era. – PLEASE KILL ME

• Vintage garage rock vibe reminiscent of a Nuggets-era group blasted to the present. – THE BIG TAKEOVER

• Their sound is a classic, hot and sweaty, raw and nasty, rock and roll spirit, that commands the room with a real classic NYC sound. – PANCAKES & WHISKEY (live review)