9/10 review of GOSPELBEACH “Another Summer Of Love” from AMERICANA UK

GospelbeacH’s punk credentials are intact and impeccable. The legendary Mick Jones has been a massive influence on Brent Rademaker and GospelbeacH – they even wrote a homage to the Clash/BAD/Carbon Silicon guitarist, genius songsmith and producer (check out Kitty, Daisy & Lewis’ The Third) on their amazing first album Pacific Surf Line. Sometimes, GospelbeacH sound almost like a perfect synthesis of Gram Parsons, the Byrds and Mick Jones combined. Although this brilliant Californian band has their own inimitable style, those influences shine through and it’s always important to check out an outfit’s musical heroes and antecedents. Some other interesting influences can be heard on their latest album Another Summer of Love too. ‘In the Desert’ gives a friendly nod to the Jam’s ‘In the City’ with the line ‘In the desert there’s a thousand things I’d like to say to you’. It’s a warm and inviting song that conjures up exotic and expansive wide open spaces that combine with a first love’s embraces.