9/10 review of The BONNEVILLES “Listen For Tone” from MAXIMUM VOLUME MUSIC

In the late 80s growing up, there was pretty much nothing we loved more than making a compilation record. The holy grail was one side of a C-90 TDK tape (anyone under the age of 40 can ask their parents – or Wikipedia) of a best of one of your favourite bands.

It’s great to see that such an idea has been updated for the modern age – because that is basically “Listen For Tone” in a nutshell. 10 glorious songs that originally appeared on The Bonnevilles early pair of records, and if the pretext to all this is that it is the first time they’ve ever been out on vinyl, then the day we need a pretext to listen to the wonderful music that the pair create, frankly is the day we pack in.

Making perfect sense given that it is ten years since their formation and coming hot on the heels of the outright brilliant “Arrow Pierce My Heart” record, “…..Tone” is a timely reminder – not that such a thing is needed – that no one does it quite like Andrew McGibbon Jnr and Chris McMullan.

Other bands do the duo thing, other bands do the primal blues thing, but no one takes it to quite the places these two do, and no one has the gift for melody that they possess. – READ THE ENTIRE REVIEW HERE