Cincy Groove : BUFFALO KILLERS Celebrating 10 Year Anniversary With 5/6 Show at The Comet

It’s been 10 years since the demise of the revered Cincy-based garage rock band Thee Shams, but out of those ashes rose an even mightier beast – Buffalo Killers. It was then that Zachary Gabbard from the band sent Alive Naturalsound Records’ owner Patrick Boissel a four-track demo, where they were quickly signed for the release of their self-titled 2006 debut album. Andy Gabbard recalls, “We sent Alive a CD with our name and Zach’s phone number on it. No internet involved. Patrick called Zach right as we were about to leave to play our first show.” Zach laughed, “He actually called me on 6/6/06. The CD we sent only had four songs on it; the only ones we had written and recorded. I lied and said we had enough songs for a full album.” – FULL STORY HERE