DIRTY STREETS’ White Horse : MOTIF’s album of the week


Everyone wants to talk about what’s happening in Nashville. But what about that other city in Tennessee? What about Memphis? With a long history of blues and soul music, The River City has been a hive for fantastic rock ‘n’ roll that’s still alive and well today. With a Motown vibe, hints of funk and a whole lot of groove, Dirty Streets call Memphis home and they have a sound that’ll get you hooked like a fish on a line. Their fourth full length, White Horse, is currently out and it brings a vintage power that’s reminiscent of every awesome rock ‘n’ roll band you’ve ever heard.

There’s an old-school feel with Dirty Streets; their melodies and rhythms give me visions of The Guess Who, The Allman Brothers and James Gang. That’s not a bad trio to be compared to, right? Frontman Justin Toland’s voice harks back to the bravado of The Guess Who’s Burton Cummings, their psychedelic tendencies and riffs are evocative of late ’60s Allman Brothers and the sheer rawness of it all definitely brings the styles of James Gang to mind. This trio has a ton of boogie with the way they play, and you’ll notice it from the get-go once you give White Horse a listen. – Rob Duguay / READ MORE ON THE MOTIF SITE