Rave review of JAMES LEG “Below The Belt” from THE DAY


Covers are something modern rockers avoid, but Leg demonstrates how they can give context to the originals, which in this case often do them one better: the frenetic “Casa de Fuego” and “Glass Jaw” are remarkable, and the piano on “October 3rd” and “What More” are fuller and more memorable than anything this side of Nicky Hopkins. Leg tones it down for exactly the right amount of time: the length of “Disappearing,” written by one-time bandmate Mark “Porkchop” Holder. Through that and most other cuts, Leg makes a case for the continuing relevance of styles and trends that have sadly fallen out of favor: blues, gospel, and feedback. More than that, it’s the most invigorating and outright best rock album in years — and he did it all in 36 minutes. – READ THE ENTIRE REVIEW HERE