Reviewed By: Dave Goodwin

Each track on here is a joy to listen to and has a different sound from the last. It is a mixture of every genre you could care to mention with blues being the major player. It leans towards the early Rolling Stones in numerous places such as the first track ‘Indian Highway’ and the ender ‘Bottle Cap Blues’, which sports a raucous Kazoo in the middle. One of my highlights on this great album is a version of ‘Etta’s Security’ with that Stones lead again making an appearance. ‘Dusty Bibles and Silver Spoons’ is a great, stripped down track with the washboard taking a trip down to the liquor store that’ll make you stamp and holler, but the big highlight in a hoard of highlights on here for me though is ‘Cracking Up’, a R&B ska- tasting number which is probably my favourite track to kick start the new year with!

As far as positives go when you sum up an album like this you have to just smile because ‘Let Loose’ is just packed to the rafters with them. It is a fantastic starting point, although it is a little worrying how they are going to match this on their next album because we have it on good authority from the boys themselves to “watch out now cus’ it ain’t our last!” With a guy in the band that goes by the name of Johnny Santana, they can’t fail, can they? Marvellous!

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