RUST Recommends: Paul Collins – Feel The Noise


Power-pop pioneer Paul Collins celebrates 40 years in the game this year and his new album Feel The Noise delivers classic jams with individuality and style. This should come as no surprise as he has not only been a member of The Nerves, The Breakaways and The Beat but has been extremely active over the past few years on the DIY circuit, playing with over 160 bands. Feel The Noise feels like the good old days have returned and they’re better than ever. Paul Collins knows the vibe he wants to express and he has the skills and the experience to make it all work with ease.

Feel The Noise follows up his 2010 release King Of Power Pop, and though this is an extreme claim to make, Paul Collins has not only earned the right to make that claim, he continues to produce music that’s vibrant, relevant and just plain fun to listen to. This is an album that teaches a lesson. It’s a lesson that – though times change – the classic sound of power pop is not only still relevant and vibrant, but it’s just as awesome now as back in the day. It seems like every time you turn around somebody is saying that rock and roll is dead. Paul Collins proves that rock and roll is not only alive, but that it never went away, and never will. Produced by Jim Diamond, who also plays bass and guitar, Feel The Noise will be released on September 9th on digital, cd and limited edition colored vinyl.