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Forming as teenagers in 2004 as a blues-infused garage-rock band in Lockport, New York, the band developed a more soul-influenced sound after leaving high school, and have supported the likes of The Sheepdogs, Blue Cheer, Gov’t Mule, J. Geils, The Hold Steady and Robert Randolph. After a series of EPs, debut album Supermoon was released in 2011.

New album Do What Comes Naturally also features Bob Nave from the Lemon Pipers, whose bubblegum-psyche classic Green Tambourine reached number one in the US in 1966.

“Everything was recorded live with Zach Gabbard (Buffalo Killers) and Mike Montgomery at Candyland in Cincinnati”, says Passuite. “We locked ourselves in the studio, slept on the floor, and after three days we had something that exceeded all our expectations. We left things in the mix like guitars rattling snare drums and vocals breaking up to keep that live energy flowing out your speakers.”

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Handsome Jack – Echoes
“Some people call it a vibe and some people call it a groove. We call it boogie soul.” That’s what Handsome Jack have to say about their sound, and it’s a pretty good description, to be honest. It’s from the new album Doing What Comes Naturally, which is out in October on Alive Records, who are probably our favourite purveyors of spectacularly coloured vinyl.

Classic Rock tracks of the week

SHAWN OBNOXIOUS review of HANDSOME JACK “Do What Comes Naturally”


“Naturally” hits with blues fused rock and roll that truly grips you. There’s a certain charm in the mix… A real honesty that you find in those nowadaysands that are sectioned off from the mainstream… Handsome Jack deliver a confidence that only you can accept or deny. The truth isn’t for just anyone these days.

The only factor that suffers with a band like Handsome Jack is the reality of the fact, that music, of any genre, suffers. There is a lot of music out ‘there’ riding invisible rays and available thru a multitude of formats and accessibilities. You gotta dig deep and find what connects with you before it’s lost in the shuffle of the beast called Right Fucking Now. As listens of “Naturally” tallied, the more and more I appreciated the release as a whole… The sorts of fondness that would not be found in a big-shot music reviewer scanning ten seconds of each track then spit out a few adjectives to coincide with that press release. Fuck that.

Rock N Roll isn’t dead if you don’t want it to be. Let’s try to spend some time with a CD or record or whatever, to connect once again. Yes, it comes naturally to just hit the button to most, but not because we want to, it’s because some have too. Take some time with “Naturally”. Turn it up. Sit a while. Open up your mind and your ears. You just might like something after all without being given permissions by the industry.

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The VINYL DISTRICT review of PAUL COLLINS “Feel The Noise”


In a truly just world Paul Collins would require no introduction. Sadly, a globe of perpetual unfairness spins around the sun, so it bears mentioning that as a member of The Nerves he helped shape the original “Hanging on the Telephone” and subsequently helmed The Beat. In 2010 Collins issued the LP King of Power Pop! and now he’s back with the swell Feel the Noise, a 12-song effort pressed onto vinyl by Alive Naturalsound Records of Burbank, California.

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I-94 BAR gives a 5/5 star review to PAUL COLLINS new album “Feel The Noise”


Three minutes of your time is all each of these songs need. Some of them need less but that’s only because they’re shorter. Give them a play and they’ll be working their way into that part of the brain that demands you hit the replay button in less time that it takes to type The King Of Power Pop.

The title track leads the album and frankly it pales by comparison with what follows. Collins’ reverb-laden voice calls the band to arms. It sounds like a half-finished glam anthem without the football terrace chorus but it’s forgotten by the time you’re halfway through the one that follows. “Only Girl” is a concise, taught little pop rocker that goes right to the heart of the matter: Hooks. It’s right up there with Collins’ best and underlines why he deserves to be a household name.

And so it goes. There’s the massively catchy “All Eyes To See”, the Buddy Holly-esque “Baby I’m in Love With You”, the bouncy “Don’t Know How To Treat A Lady” and the imploring but vibrant “Little Suzy”. The title track, replete with references to listening to sounds on an old radio (where have we heard that before?), lands smack-bang in the middle of the dropzone as well.

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POPMATTERS premieres PAUL COLLINS new album “Feel The Noise” in its entirety


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Paul Collins sounds like a guy who not only loves rock and roll; he sounds like he’s spent his whole life living it. Feel the Noise, his latest studio effort, captures the spirit of a musician who has grown comfortably into his style. After years of playing in power pop groups like the Nerves and the Beat, Collins has continued to smartly integrate the distorted side of his rock and roll with a keen ear for affable hooks.