BLACK BULL BLUESBLOG : John The Conqueror a Mixture of modern Blues


Not only the name of three piece band John The Conqueror refers to the roots of blues, also the groove and songs of this Philadelphia based band will remind you of the likes of Otis Reading and Muddy Waters. It is the John The Conqueror Bourbon-mix of roots music from Soul to Rock ‘n Roll, Punk to Blues that makes you willing to listen to this band all evening. READ THE INTERVIEW HERE

Country Fried Rock (POPMATTERS) : Andy Gabbard Interview (Buffalo Killers)


Buffalo Killers’ songwriter Andy Gabbard debuts his solo album, Fluff, which is anything but that.

Andy Gabbard‘s debut solo album, Fluff, definitely does not live up to its title. This trippy-tinged collection of tunes brings fuzzy pop sense to Gabbard’s writings that do not fit the Buffalo Killers’ vibe. Fluff is not “trouble in paradise”; rather, it is an expansion of his creativity, like a second leg of vacation.


ALLMUSIC premieres ANDY GABBARD’S solo album “Fluff”


Album Premiere: Andy Gabbard of Buffalo Killers Gets Blissed Out On His Fuzzy Solo Debut, ‘Fluff’

By Chris Steffen
Andy Gabbard has been performing as guitarist and vocalist for Cincinnati-based rock band Buffalo Killers for nearly a decade, and is now stepping out on his own with his solo debut, the simultaneously distorted, psychedelic and enthusiastic Fluff. Cut in one 12-hour session with Gabbard on every instrument, one track barrels into the next, urgent but not rushed, and evokes some of the fantastical imagery of Syd Barrett and Roky Erickson and the fuzzy bliss of Dinosaur Jr. and the Atomic Bitchwax. It’s out next week on Alive Naturalsound Records, and you can stream the whole thing below.

POPMATTERS : Buffalo Killers – Stand Back and Take a Good Look from Alive’s 20th Anniversary album


by Brice Ezell

In paying tribute to the extensive catalogue of the classic rock ‘n’ roll label Alive Naturalsound, the Ohio group Buffalo Killers take on a tune by an under-the-radar ’70s power pop outfit.

Rock & Roll Is A Beautiful Thing, indeed. As a part of this year’s Record Store Day, the Alive Naturalsound label will release a limited colored vinyl under that name, which includes 21 tracks of previously unreleased material, original album cuts, and cover songs. The artists represented include the Black Keys, Radio Moscow, T-Model Ford, the Bloodhounds, and as you can hear exclusively below, Buffalo Killers.

That Ohio rock group—whose second Alive Naturalsound outing, 2008’s Let it Ride, was produced by Dan Auerbach of the Black Keys—has offered up a cover of the Nerves’ “Stand Back and Take a Good Look” for this 2LP collection. In doing so, the band highlights their presence amongst a fine roster of blues, rock ‘n’ roll, and psych outfits, all the while paying tribute to a classic band.

Zach Gabbard tells PopMatters, “Recording the fantastic ‘Stand Back and Take a Good Look’ cover, penned by Jack Lee, was a no-brainer. We really wanted to do something out of the Alive catalog to pay tribute to the label and the Nerves. The song came really naturally to us and felt like it could have been one of our own.”

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Fluff is a magnificent Rock & Roll album overflowing with so many stellar, brain-burrowing melodies, it’s more than fair to call it a Power Pop record (emphasis on both the “power” and the “Pop,” equally). Gabbard recorded the entire album in one 12-hour session and played all of the instruments, something you would never guess by listening — it sounds like a full band that has been together as long as Gabbard’s main project. The guitars are often loud and blissfully fuzzed out, while the bass and drums pound out the rhythms with muscular abandon. Blended with those remarkable, often gorgeous melodies, it creates a sort of joyous “dirty beauty” that is irresistible. – Cincinnati Beat.

HUFFINGTON POST review of PRIMA DONNA “Nine Lives & Forty Fives”


by Melissa Webster

With a “… laser focus. Firing on all cylinders” the prettiest men in rock n roll, Glam rockers Prima Donna have done it again with the release of their latest album Nine Lives and Forty Fives. Fast, edgy, in-your-face with an attitude, this album lets us know without doubt they don’t give a shit about who they insult or what the world thinks of them, because it’s just the nature of rock n roll and the musician’s life on the road amid one-night-stands, groupies and the next gig. It’s bold, brash and beautiful, and I’m loving every minute of it.

Riding on the coattails of Prima Donna’s latest gig at the Sundance Film Festival in January, followed by a record release party at Amoeba Music in Hollywood, Nine Lives and Forty Fives opens with a hard edge, sex-driven drum beat titled “Pretty Little Head,” the first single release from the album. It tells the story of a girl who “wanted some” because she “came from none,” and got more than she bargained for, quickly finding herself in over her head. The guitar riff sets the tone for the entire album and lets the audience know she’s in for even more misery, because they’ll never give up or give in.

Track Two is a throwback rock song called “Deathless” confessing he burned the bridge that would have made her “someone” and warns her to “leave real soon” before it destroys her, because he never had faith in her anyway, making his actions essentially a preemptive strike.

“Born Yesterday” is the first real dance song with a great sing-along in the chorus. But it is the lyrics that reinforce the mockery in the tone throughout the album, treating with contempt someone who was naive and gullible and easily fooled, “you keep on living out a bad, bad dream,” while confessing their first sign of even a smidgen of remorse in the “sad, sad scene” of its aftermath. Though they admit they get tired of the victim asking “why, why, WHY?” and indifferently “walk away.”

A dance tune with a surfer rock vibe and a great beat, “Living In Sin” mocks Prima Donna’s upbringing in the suburbs of the San Fernando Valley amidst the hypocrisy that paid lip service to religious values and self-righteous, do-gooder hyperbole. Another single released from this album, it’s the best dance song in the mix.

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DIFFUSER.FM premieres Andy Gabbard’s ‘Octoman’


“I tried to keep the song as weird and silly as I possibly could.” Any explanation of a song that starts out like that, consider us intrigued.

That description comes to us straight from Andy Gabbard, frontman of Cincinatti’s Buffalo Killers, who is gearing up for the release of his debut solo effort, Fluff, on March 24 via Alive Naturalsound Records. Ahead of its launch, Diffuser is proud to partner with Gabbard to give you a little taste of what to expect with his new track, “Octoman” — take it for a spin in the audio player below.

“I tried a lot of different lyrics out on it and it didn’t feel right until it became ‘Octoman,’” he recalls about the tune. “I guess you could say this is a Syd Barrett super fan song.” And while the song may be weird and silly — and definitely hearkens memories of Barrett and even the Flaming Lips — it’s also immediately appealing and will likely necessitate repeat listening sessions.

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