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5 Beers Review of DM3 “West Of Anywhere” from I-94 BAR

If you listen hard enough it will be apparent that it’s all in the hooks. Chronologically-speaking, Dom assembled this band after the ‘60s pop of The Stems and the even sweeter pop of The Someloves. Stylistically speaking, DM3 sits somewhere in-between them both. Expressing opinions about what and what should not be on compilations is […]

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Review of DM3 “West Of Anywhere” in CLASSIC ROCK

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8/10 review of DIRTY STREETS “White Horse” from CLASSIC ROCK magazine

Memphis power trio’s heavyweight fourth album. Still in their 20s but sounding decades older, Dirty Streets have been making a name for themselves since 2009’s Portrait Of A Man. Where 2013’s Blades Of Grass married Blue Cheer, Humble Pie and RL Burnside’s hill country crank, their latest is boosted by further rich strains, such as […]

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10/10 review of DIRTY STREETS “White Horse” from MAXIMUM VOLUME

“White Horse” is an album that’s astounding in almost every single way. Rock n roll probably doesn’t need someone to come racing in on a trusty steed to save it, the old boy is still in pretty good health, even after all these years. That said, if rock n roll was feeling a bit depressed […]

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Nice review of DM3 “West Of Anywhere” from YAHOO MUSIC

If you’re looking for things you may have missed, and if you grew up in a mid-America best served by mall record stores like Musicland, there’s every chance in the world you missed out on Australia’s DM3 and you will go bonkers when you finally hear them. This set, which collects the best of the […]

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5 stars ★★★★★ review of DM3 “West Of Anywhere” from BLURT Magazine

The Upshot: Beloved Aussie guitarist and songwriter Dom Mariani gets a proper, career-spanning anthology that demonstrates his power pop brilliance and then some. Regardless of twist, every song here is a gem – finely crafted, enthusiastically performed, simply and straightforwardly produced. As a result, the DM3’s work holds up exceptionally well, sounding as fresh and […]

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9/10 review of DIRTY STREETS “White Horse” from BLUES ROCK REVIEW

For those of you who have been lamenting that there is no “good music” out there, let not your hearts be troubled. Dirty Streets are here to wipe away your tears. Their brand new record due out November, 2015 called White Horse is a collection of 11 rock and roll tracks that will make you […]

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Nice JAMES LEG review of “Below The Belt” in UBER ROCK

Nestled somewhere between Jim Jones Revue and Gallon Drunk with just a hint of Tom Waits and The Fuzztones comes a screaming James Leg. Buckle up bitches this is a journey down a dirty track with nothing but a fistful of Rock and Roll for company, some cheap drugs and a bottle of moonshine. ‘Dirty […]

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