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I94 BAR review : DATURA4 show in Sydney

No Fool’s Gold to be seen as Datura4 debuts in Sydney It’s too easy to characterise Datura4 as “yet another Dom Mariani band” because he’s had lots of them with sustained prominence over many years. But it would also be very misleading. Greg Hitchcock has been living in Western Australia for 13 years so, from […]

★★★½ 3 and half star review of HEATH GREEN and The MAKESHIFTERS from THE FIRE NOTE

There’s little doubt, these songs are going to sound best in their native environs, a smoking blues rock club full of sweaty revelers eager to be elevated by the gritty and soulful delivery of Green and his Makeshifters, but the recording is so well crafted, the performances so ecstatic that it transcends the limitations often […]

Nice review of MARK PORKCHOP HOLDER “Let It Slide” from POPMATTERS

In 2017, you’d be hard pressed to find someone bluesier than Mark Porkchop Holder. Known for his “anything goes” attitude toward gigs, as well as his gritty stylings, Holder has much reason to be singing the blues, with years of addiction and depression behind him. That said, Let It Slide has immersed as something of […]

★★★½ 3 and half star review of MARK PORKCHOP HOLDER “Let It Slide” from ALL MUSIC

There’s no arguing that this album is the work of a unique talent who is clearly not interested in making another by-the-numbers blues album. Holder and his band — bassist Travis Kilgore and drummer Doug Bales — hit with the impact of a rock band, and they’re full of dirty swagger, but Holder’s potent slide […]


Screw the nostalgia-naysayers, Heath Green and the Makeshifters have produced a stunning debut. Oozing respect for the varied sources from which the band has drawn its inspiration, it is delivered with fire-in-the-belly, preach-from-the-pulpit gusto. As the swampers of Muscle Shoals would tell you, there’s something in the water down there in Alabama and whatever it […]