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4 stars ★★★★ review of DATURA4 “Hairy Mountain” from BLURT

To suggest Hairy Mountain might be Demon Blues part 2 sounds like dismissal, but it’s not inaccurate – album numero dos doesn’t futz with the formula established by the first one. Mariani, Hitchcock and friends grok that bluesy hard rock arrangements + power pop melodies = guitar pop bliss. – Michael Toland / READ THE […]

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Awesome DATURA4 “Hairy Mountain” review via WORDSABOUTMUSIC

Dom Mariani and Greg Hitchcock‘s Datura 4 have released an album that says everything about the joy of electric guitar. Checking out the trippy cover art (I want what Joshua Marc Levy is having…) and taking in the title – Hairy Mountain – my son said “This just has to be good…” It’s better than […]

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4 stars ★★★★ review of JAMES LEG “Blood On the Keys” from ALL MUSIC GUIDE

The retro milieu in which Leg works is part of his swampy mystique, and it works to his advantage as his growling vocals and dazzling organ and electric piano work coalesce in thick slabs of analog glory. Again, this is part of what drew fans to him in the first place, but the new tones […]

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8/10 review of DATURA4 “Hairy Mountain” from MAXIMUM VOLUME MUSIC

And the award for the best album title of the year goes to…… In the summer of last year, some Mp3s arrived at MV Towers from the Alive Naturalsound stable. Like when you were a kid you always knew that the red and white Atlantic spine was the mark of a great record, then reviewing […]

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Nice review of DATURA4 “Hairy Mountain” via GLACIALLY MUSICAL

Datura4 has learned the first lesson of blues rock, if you’ve got a killer guitar tone, you’ve already taken the high ground. – READ THE REVIEW HERE

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DATURA4 “Hairy Mountain” reviewed via TEAMROCK (Classic Rock)

Pre-70s boogie-psych from Aussie scene royalty. Australian rock often seems confined to a few monster names, but the country still boasts a thriving scene that, as Datura4’s follow-up to 2015’s Demon Blues debut clearly shows, has a firm grasp on garage psych and progressive blues rock. – READ THE REVIEW HERE

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4 stars ★★★★ review of DATURA4 “Hairy Mountain” from GET READY TO ROCK

With a fairly unique blend of ganja-grooves and big, retro-vocals, Datura4 have duxed it again with “Hairy Mountain” – they may be from beyond the Black Stump, but this album is ripper. Fire up the mull and tell me I’m wrong. – READ THE REVIEW HERE

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Awesome review of HOLLIS BROWN “Cluster Of Pearls” from NO DEPRESSION

Having already earned their kudos from the critics and found their way onto various TV and film soundtracks, Cluster of Pearls not only seems like further affirmation of their rapid rise, but also another promise of greater glories yet to come. – READ THE REVIEW HERE

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