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The BLOODHOUNDS live at Origami records

When listening to the Bloodhounds, my whole collection of oldies went through my mind in a few minutes, not that it is a bad thing, on the contrary, the quartet is a true-to-the-core 60’s R&B revival and they play it with a real conviction. The Bloodhounds were playing an in-store at Origami Vinyl on Saturday […]

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Fluff is a magnificent Rock & Roll album overflowing with so many stellar, brain-burrowing melodies, it’s more than fair to call it a Power Pop record (emphasis on both the “power” and the “Pop,” equally). Gabbard recorded the entire album in one 12-hour session and played all of the instruments, something you would never guess […]

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HUFFINGTON POST review of PRIMA DONNA “Nine Lives & Forty Fives”

by Melissa Webster With a “… laser focus. Firing on all cylinders” the prettiest men in rock n roll, Glam rockers Prima Donna have done it again with the release of their latest album Nine Lives and Forty Fives. Fast, edgy, in-your-face with an attitude, this album lets us know without doubt they don’t give […]

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4 star review of SWAMP DOGG in MOJO magazine

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Reviewed By: Dave Goodwin Each track on here is a joy to listen to and has a different sound from the last. It is a mixture of every genre you could care to mention with blues being the major player. It leans towards the early Rolling Stones in numerous places such as the first track […]

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BLURT MAGAZINE review of PRIMA DONNA’s “Nine Lives & Forty Fives”

BY MICHAEL TOLAND The product of numerous sessions in different locales over the course of a couple of years, Nine Lives and Forty Fives follows the band’s usual garage-rocking glam punk MO, with tunes and attitude in equal measure. Preston and Aaron Minton’s exuberant guitar and sax riffs roll across the bouncing rhythms of bassist […]

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EXAMINER : PRIMA DONNA will release its new album at Amoeba on February 10

Schwindy’s indie music spotlight: Prima Donna Prima Donna will release its new album at Amoeba on February 10 When you hear a lot of new music, the selections really run the gamut. You get bands that are dramatic and melancholy, and you get bands that rock you from the first notes of the new album. […]

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R2 review of PAUL COLLINS “Feel The Noise”

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