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9/10 review of DATURA4 “West Coast Highway Cosmic” via MAXIMUM VOLUME MUSIC

Everything about Datura4 screams “throwback”. The album covers they have, the sound, but there’s something else too. Their work ethic. It always strikes me when you read those histories of rock n roll and so forth, an album a year was normal, a couple in a year wasn’t unheard of either. Datura4 are bringing it […]

9/10 review of LEFT LANE CRUISER “Claw machine Wizard” from MAXIMUM VOLUME MUSIC

LLC’s earlier albums were pretty raw affairs and you could certainly imagine them in a sweaty roadhouse somewhere in the ‘States laying down a raucous groove. However on record the looseness of a live performance does not always translate and LLC have certainly overcome that issue with this latest collection. The songs are still catchy […]