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Live review of BEECHWOOD at BERLIN NYC

When Beechwood came on stage at Berlin tonight, Lawrence and Simons looked like androgynous models preparing for a fashion shoot, and Tineo looks like the tattooed guy who was going to steal your car while the others distracted you. Once the trio started rocking, however, Beechwood was all about high-energy rock and roll with garage-style […]

Great live review of BEECHWOOD from PANCAKES & WHISKEY

BEECHWOOD opening gig for DAVID JOHANSEN at ELSEWHERE NY The first band was a local band called Beechwood, who I mistakenly passed off as a cross between Noel Fielding’s cheekbones and uber-cool mod haircut from the The Mighty Boosh and a hotter-than-thou glam rock band like The Sweet or Mott the Hoople, but they turned […]

I94 BAR review : DATURA4 show in Sydney

No Fool’s Gold to be seen as Datura4 debuts in Sydney It’s too easy to characterise Datura4 as “yet another Dom Mariani band” because he’s had lots of them with sustained prominence over many years. But it would also be very misleading. Greg Hitchcock has been living in Western Australia for 13 years so, from […]