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★★★★ 4 star review of DATURA4 “Blessed is the Boogie” via GET READY TO ROCK

Garagey but not grungey, power-poppy but not cheesy, muddy but not sludgy, blues-respecting but not formulaic, trippy but not spacey, Datura4 is carving out their own niche and clearly incorporate their many influences but, refreshingly, keep them as just that – influences which contribute to the greater Datura4 sound. – GET READY TO ROCK

DATURA4 premiere “Run With Lucy” via VIVE LE ROCK MAGAZINE

Datura4 are lead by Fremantle native Dom Mariani, who’s been a linchpin of Aussie underground rock for the past 40 years with bands like The Go-Starts, The Stems, The Someloves, DM3 and The DomNicks (with former Cortinas and Clash guitarist Nick Shepard). Usually to be found trading in Beatley powerpop and Nuggets-era psych, with Datura4 Dom […]


Recorded mostly in a farmhouse studio south of Fremantle, Dom Mariani is again joined by the rhythm section of Stu Loasby and Warren Hall plus Datura4 debutants, Bob Patient (keys) and Howie Smallman (harmonica). Adding to the album folklore, Mariani uses a ’69 Black Les Paul previously owned by much revered Sitting Bull guitarist, Paul […]

Aussie rockers DATURA4 announce new album “Blessed is the Boogie” via BILLBOARD

Blessed Is the Boogie certainly wears the group’s debt to John Lee Hooker and other boogie masters proudly on its sleeve. But tracks such as “Not For Me” and “Cat on a Roof” are more expansive and compositionally ambitious, while the acoustic-flavored “City of Lights” hews toward some of Mariani’s power-pop background. – BILLBOARD HERE

★★★★ 4 star review of DATURA4 “Hairy Mountain” from The WEEKEND AUSTRALIAN

A psychedelic album cover evoking distant memories of incense-filled basement record stores is the first sign of things to come on Hairy Mountain. Then there’s that first earworm track with its heavy early-1970s guitar riff, overlaid with catchy 60s vocal harmonies. But it doesn’t stop there. The dual guitars of Datura4 punch out track after […]

Nice review of DATURA4 “Hairy Mountain” from BLANK GOLD COAST

While a strong grasp of classic hooks and memorable melodies remain, this musical coming together is an altogether hairier beast. On Hairy Mountain the band lovingly channel the meatier sonic spectrum of the late 60’s and early 70’s, with cult Aussie bands such as Buffalo and The Coloured Balls springing to mind across the album’s […]

I94 BAR review : DATURA4 show in Sydney

No Fool’s Gold to be seen as Datura4 debuts in Sydney It’s too easy to characterise Datura4 as “yet another Dom Mariani band” because he’s had lots of them with sustained prominence over many years. But it would also be very misleading. Greg Hitchcock has been living in Western Australia for 13 years so, from […]

Read the I94 BAR interview with Dom Mariani of DATURA4

One of the album highlights of 2016 was “Demon Blues”, the debut release by Perth-based rock-psych-boogie band Datura4. A quartet led by Stems/DM3 songwriter Dom Mariani and ex-New Christs, You Am I, Bamboos and Monarchs guitarist Greg Hitchcock, With Stu Loasby (bass) and Warren Hall (drums) completing the line-up, Datura4 conjure a heady mix of […]

Watch the new video for DATURA4’s ‘full-tilt boogie stomp’ Greedy World via CLASSIC ROCK

Tradition suggests that musicians get quieter as they get older, as the volume beloved by youth is replaced by gentler leanings. If you’re banging out noisy riffs as a young adult, there’ll probably become a point where you want to break out the acoustic guitar. One man bucking the trend is Australian singer and guitarist […]