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CLASSIC ROCK’s Tracks Of The Week : LEFT LANE CRUISER’s filthy boogie-blues rocknroll “Bloodhound”

CLASSIC ROCK’s Tracks Of The Week here RECORD STORE DAY 2016

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Review of DM3 “West Of Anywhere” in CLASSIC ROCK

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8/10 review of DIRTY STREETS “White Horse” from CLASSIC ROCK magazine

Memphis power trio’s heavyweight fourth album. Still in their 20s but sounding decades older, Dirty Streets have been making a name for themselves since 2009’s Portrait Of A Man. Where 2013’s Blades Of Grass married Blue Cheer, Humble Pie and RL Burnside’s hill country crank, their latest is boosted by further rich strains, such as […]

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JAMES LEG’s new album “Below The Belt” reviewed in CLASSIC ROCK

All hail the Reverend. Let us consider the time-honoured gravel-throated rasp. Since being defined by Beefheart and Tom Waits, the ravaged buffalo scrotum holler has long been the refuge of those lacking singing chops or much personality. James Leg is the latest wracked carrier of the ruined distillery gargle and, from his first emission over […]

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CLASSIC ROCK’S Tracks Of the Week : Datura4 “Out With The Tide”

Out With The Tide is a thundering chunk of Antipodean boogie-sleaze, and rocks like a pair of possums on a see-saw.– CLASSIC ROCK

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Classic Rock – This Month Best New Bands : LEFT LANE CRUISER

Every month, the Editors of Classic Rock, Metal Hammer and Prog magazines listen to their writers, ignore the hype and cherry pick the best new bands in their scene. Here are this month’s breaking bands…

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