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CITY BEAT feature : ANDY GABBARD goes deeper into Pop on new LP

Gabbard’s debut solo effort, Fluff, was a bash-and-pop masterpiece of buzzing, distorted guitars and unforgettable melodies, but his soon-to-be released new effort, Plenum Castle, takes an even deeper dive into Pop, showcasing the multi-instrumentalist’s gift for crafting brain-burrowing hooks on a broader scale. If Father John Misty can crossover to the mainstream Pop world and […]


Buffalo Killers’ songwriting talents have gotten increasingly stronger over the years, with more recent albums showcasing a masterful sense of melody and arrangement, leading Rolling Stone to describe its sound as “muscular Power Pop with hints of Psychedelia and Stoner Rock.” While retaining its scruffy, dirty-water swagger, the band’s sound is now practically Beatles-esque. – […]