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8/10 review of DATURA4 “West Coast Highway Cosmic” via BLUES ROCK REVIEW

“Get Out” is an uptempo, rocking, middle-finger-at-full-mast sprint that owes equally to all band members.  It’s a tough decision to choose either the crunchy chord progression or the Jerry Lee Lewis-esqe tack piano for track highlight. Paired with the closer, “Evil People, Pt. 1” (“Pt. 2” is on last year’s album—go figure), it makes for […]

Nice 8.5/10 review of KING MUD via BLUES ROCK REVIEW

The added bluesy piano and groovy harmonica easily make “Suzy’s Cookies,” the big hit of the album. Giving off a smooth, chill vibe, you may feel like you are hanging out in King Mud’s garage listening to the guys jam out. This song is just as awesome as the title. – READ THE REVIEW HERE