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4 stars ★★★★ review of JAMES LEG “Blood On The Keys” from ALL MUSIC

Punk blues eccentric James Leg returns with the aptly titled Blood on the Keys, his third solo effort since shelving his flagship project the Black Diamond Heavies. Fans of the gutter-voiced keyboardist’s signature sound will no doubt find some of what initially put him on the map, but with Blood on the Keys, he continues […]

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Nice review of LEFT LANE CRUISER “Beck In Black” from ALL MUSIC

Beck in Black demonstrates Beck’s skills behind the kit, from the frantic trash-can percussion of “Zombie Blocked” and jittery drive of “Crackalacka” to the bluesy groove of “The Pusher” and the near-funky skip of “Chevrolet.” – REVIEW HERE

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Listen to the premiere of RADIO MOSCOW’s “250 Miles/Brain Cycles (Live)” via ALL MUSIC

​Blues-rock trio Radio Moscow blends two of their tunes together in this cut from their upcoming live album, Live! In California. The band has made its name on the touring circuit, bringing the lineage of the power trio around the world, so it makes sense that their live album displays the band at full strength, […]

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Nice review of The BONNEVILLES via ALL MUSIC

Andrew McGibbon, Jr.’s guitar work boasts plenty of primitive ferocity and a sublime distorted tone, while drummer Chris McMullan hits hard and generally stays out of the way. While the Bonnevilles boast good, gritty technique, McGibbon is also a solid vocalist and songwriter, and there’s a greater depth to his tales of woe than most […]

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DIRTY STREETS premiere new album “White Horse” via ALL MUSIC

​Memphis trio Dirty Streets brings the blues and the boogie on their latest album, White Horse. The band’s no-frills, less talk/more rock approach serves them well on the squealing “Looking For My Peace” and the down and dirty “Plain,” although there’s still time to mellow out a bit on a track like “Dust.” White Horse […]

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★★★★ ALL MUSIC gives 4 stars to DATURA4 “Demon Blues”

Australians are a people who traditionally prefer their rock & roll hearty and full-bodied, and Datura4, a new combo featuring several veterans of the Aussie rock scene, certainly seem to bear this out. On their debut album, 2015’s Demon Blues, Datura4 reel off a broad range of stylistic influences that almost entirely reach back to […]

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★★★★ ALL MUSIC gives 4 stars to JAMES LEG’s “Below The Belt”

Below the Belt delivers some genuine surprises and proves Leg knows more than one way to strut his stuff, a talent he’d be well advised to keep exploring. READ THE ENTIRE REVIEW HERE

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Listen to JAMES LEG’s “Below The Belt” via ALL MUSIC

The new album from musician James Leg, also known as one half of the rowdy blues/punk/soul hybrid Black Diamond Heavies, could pass as the soundtrack to some sort of immoral revivalist service. His second solo record, Below the Belt is built around Leg’s thick keyboard sound, driving drums and his wildly charismatic and gruff vocal […]

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Premiere: LEFT LANE CRUISER got stoned & wrote some raunchy blues rock on ‘Dirty Spliff Blues’

Premiere: Left Lane Cruiser got stoned & wrote some raunchy blues rock on 'Dirty Spliff Blues' http://t.co/WiJRoxmZ0b pic.twitter.com/2o7lAqp1ht — AllMusic (@allmusic) June 8, 2015

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Listen to LEFT LANE CRUISER’s new album “Dirty Spliff Blues” in its entirety via ALL MUSIC

“This album was written entirely under the guidance and influence of marijuana. No dirty spliffs (joints with a mix of tobacco and pot) were used in the making of this record.” – FREDDY J IV LISTEN THE WHOLE ALBUM HERE

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