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Great review of MARK “PORKCHOP” HOLDER “Death And The Blues” courtesy of BLACK BULL BLUES

This bluesman knows how to deliver some of the finest blues songs you’ll find today. This results in an album you easily listen for multiple hours. Expect harmonica tunes that Little Walter and Howlin’ Wolf made famous and, badass guitar solos in the Hill Country tradition. – READ THE REVIEW HERE

★★★ ½ 3 and half star review of MARK ‘PORKCHOP’ HOLDER from GET READY TO ROCK

With an unmistakable fuzzy, bottom-end growl to his guitar playing, this is junkyard-dog blues at its best – sometimes it don’t need polishing to still be a diamond. The Porkchop’s second album is a classic delta blues ride except this one is splattered with mud, has had its muffler tampered with but is comfortable as […]


Mark “Porkchop” Holder has been a favorite around the Blurt Magazine break room since his time in the blues punk band Black Diamond Heavies. So when we had the opportunity to introduce you guys to his latest, “Coffin Lid” via a Blurt premiere, we clocked back in powered up the computer. – BLURT MAGAZINE HERE


Their music is not for the faint of heart. It’s raw, gritty, and passionate. Holder’s group is heavy (no pun intended), with snarling guitar that sounds to us like the product of Tinsley Ellis and Leslie West meeting in a dark alley. The rhythm section, made up of Travis Kilgore (bass), and Doug Bales (drums) […]

Great review of MARK ‘PORKCHOP’ HOLDER “Death And The Blues” from The CHATTANOOGA PULSE

Three cover tunes leaves eight all-original, freshly penned songs that demonstrate beautifully that all the hard touring and long road gigs are honing the band’s already keen sensibilities to a razor’s edge. Blues begat rock and roll, this is known. Step by step, rock and roll evolved into dozens of sub-genres and, for a time […]