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Nice review of The BOBBY LEES “Skin Suit” via THE SAMPLER – RNZ (NZ)

There’s the classic punk cocktail of dissolute boredom and gleefully mischief in these songs that I haven’t heard anyone render quite so forcefully in a long time. In the tradition of early punks like Richard Hell and Johnny Rotten, Quartin’s stance is anti-romantic. She’s more inclined to sing about lust than love. The sex in […]

★★★★ 4 star review of DIRTY STREETS “Rough and Tumble” via the ROOTS MUSIC REPORT

This tough, tight Memphis trio checks all the appropriate blues/rock boxes, serving up a rock-solid, “live”-in-the-studio set. Guitarist Justin Toland’s vocals induce early Black Crowes flashbacks on respectable originals and a pair of killer Joe South covers- “Tell The Truth” and “Walk a Mile in My Shoes”. Good stuff.  – Duane Verh / ROOTS MUSIC […]

★★★★ 4 star review of PAUL COLLINS “Another World/The Best Of The Archives” via ALL ABOUT JAZZ

Over the course of approximately fifty-five minutes playing time on this vault collection, the playing, singing and writing sounds unremittingly fresh, natural and unself-conscious, as if it was all recorded just as Collins was hitting his stride. READ THE PAUL COLLINS “Another World/The Best Of The Archives” ALL ABOUT JAZZ REVIEW HERE