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Where Is Parker Griggs?

EXCLUSIVE MATERIAL by RADIO MOSCOW, BUFFALO KILLERS, BLACK DIAMOND HEAVIES, HACIENDA and more. This compilation showcases the many facets of our imprint. From garage rock, psych, punk, deep blues and Texas garage-soul, Where Is Parker Griggs? is a cool overview of some of the new blood currently pumping through Alive.
Track listing:
side one
1. radio moscow - open your eyes -- first time on vinyl
2. hacienda - look at that girl (exclusive)
3. buffalo killers - love is gold (exclusive)
4. radio moscow - the stranger (exclusive)
5. henrys funeral shoe with scott morgan & friends - gimme back my morphine (exclusive)
6. black diamond heavies - easy money (exclusive)

side two
1. lee bains iii & the glory fires - everything that you took
2. brian olive - back sliding soul
3. buffalo killers - oh my word (exclusive)
4. hacienda - love me more (exclusive)
5. gardens - maze time
6. white noise sound - there is no tomorrow