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Northern Ireland rockers The Bonnevilles are renowned for both their incendiary live shows and soulful song-writing skills. Their music is full of heart, smart, and always fun. On “Dirty Photographs”, their second studio album for Alive, they display their love for gritty blues, primitive rock n’roll and Irish folk.

“Simply a band that needs to be on any rock fans radar regardless of where you stand sub-genre wise.” – NO DEPRESSION

  • April 4 @ Sneaky Petes — Edinburgh, UK
  • April 5 @ The Broadcast — Glasgow, UK
  • April 6 @ The Cluny — Newcastle, UK
  • April 7 @ The Black Abbot — Montrose, UK
  • April 8 @ Redchurch Brewery — Harlow, UK
  • April 9 @ The Underground — Bradford, UK
  • April 10 @ Retro — Manchester, UK
  • April 11 @ The Duck & Drake — Leeds, UK
  • April 12 @ The Blackheart — London, UK
  • April 13 @ The Chambers — Folkstone, UK
  • April 14 @ The Jenny Lind — Hastings, UK
  • April 15 @ St Patricks Irish Club — Leamington Spa

Whether charging through a jam like “Panakromatik” or expertly reeling in a slower, subtler song like the powerful “The Rebels Shrug,” The Bonnevilles shows a depth missing from many in the genre. – NEUFUTUR

The Bonnevilles are the 200 proof rocking real deal. – CHATTANOOGA PULSE

This great album deserves to be heard far and wide. – FEAR AND LOATHING

The group carries on their signature sound with a hint of lo-fi 1960s rock, reminiscent of groups like The Beatles and The Rolling Stones. – PASTE MAGAZINE

If these are the “Dirty Photographs” they are prepared to show the world, then goodness only knows what they’ve got behind closed doors on the tour bus. We probably don’t need to know, just revel in the glory of this instead. – MAXIMUM VOLUME MUSIC

The album title and subsequent title track sum up the album. In a world where a dark cloud seems to be following everyone due to the political landscape, Andrew McGibbon Jr (guitar, vocals) and Chris McMullan (drums) went for a positive album full of promise, promiscuity and hope. Unlike a lot of albums out now who are rightfully denouncing the racist president, the Bonnevilles are putting a little love out there with ‘Dirty Photographs.’ – INNOCENT WORDS

"Dirty Photographs" continues the duo’s work splicing Chess Records with Nuggets, with more of an emphasis on the latter. Indeed, “By My Side,” “The Good Bastards” and the title track (a paean to singer/guitarist Andrew McGibbon Jr.’s wife’s, um, hindquarters) smile and wave as they kick over the furniture. – BLURT MAGAZINE

"Dirty Photographs" doesn’t rewrite what we know about the Bonnevilles, but it shows that they aren’t afraid to play with their formula and they have the smarts and the talent to try new things. – ALL MUSIC

Singer/Guitarist Andrew McGibbon, Jr. answers 20 questions about his band, The Bonnevilles, and their latest release, ‘Dirty Photographs.’ – Interview with AMERICAN BLUES SOCIETY here


Self-annointed a garage, punk, blues outfit like an arrow piercing my very own heart, lovers of heavy licks and head knockin’ back beats need apply in droves. McGibbon’s song writing is never suspect, influenced from those before yet soaked and steadily glazed in a brine of “cheap beer and buckfast” as well as personal stories, characters, and fore-warnings. Simply a band that needs to be on any rock fans radar regardless of where you stand sub-genre wise, you want to dance and feel like a bad ass at the same time, spin this record on your turntable and turn it up well past your comfort zone. – Scott Zuppardo / FULL NO DEPRESSION REVIEW HERE

Sometimes less truly is more as the two-person band set-up of the Bonnevilles allows each musician to shine as well as showcase their prodigious musical talents. Meanwhile, the music rings raw and true and full of heart. – POPMATTERS




“Arrow Pierce My Heart” is a brilliant record, one that is surprisingly diverse, and whilst it might never be described as “suitable for children’s parties”, the soundtrack to your next sleepless night with your own darkest secrets running through your head never sounded better. – Andy Thorley / MAXIMUM VOLUME

The Bonnevilles Classic Rock Blues review
8/10 review from The BLUES Magazine

While the Bonnevilles boast good, gritty technique, McGibbon is also a solid vocalist and songwriter, and there’s a greater depth to his tales of woe than most of his peers deliver. The Bonnevilles sound tight and naturalistic on these sessions, which have a fine sense of space, and the duo is smart enough not to overdo their sense of menace. – Mark Deming/ALL MUSIC

A bruising, powerful and eclectic long-player full of invention that grows and grows with repeated listens. – CHORD BLOSSOM

The Bonnevilles Classic Rock review