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Led by Wesley Doyle The Bloody Hollies started in 2000, in Buffalo NY, as a response to all of the mopey music that was passing for rock at the time. "If Footmen Tire You", "Who To Love, Who To Trust, Who To Kill", and “Yours Until the Bitter End” are works that reflects a lengthy career that fully embraces The Bloody Hollies’ vast influences while at the same time maintaining the band’s unique sound of explosive, over-driven mayhem balanced with intelligently thought-out songwriting. What is most impressive about The Bloody Hollies, however, is the diversity of their strengths, ranging from 70’s classic rock, Americana blues, to an even power-pop songwriting style.

Their ability to shift gears — not their white shirts and skinny black ties — is what separates The Bloody Hollies from the crowded field of garage-punk contenders hoping to steal some buzz from The Strokes and White Stripes. – The WASHINGTON POST

A superb garage-rock album with twists, turns and a winning eccentricity that’s all too rare in Rock’n’Roll these days. – Whisperin & Hollerin

A lot of punk bands lose the plot or sap their strength when they decide to add some extra bells and whistles to their sound, but the Bloody Hollies have managed to add a fair amount without losing a thing, and Yours Until the Bitter End is a dial-it-up-to-ten triumph. – AMG

Where some bands that I could name start off their recording career with fast and furious insanity, only to rein it in a few albums later, I trust the Bloody Hollies to stay true to their raucous tradition that embraces dense, brutal, gut-punching rock and roll until the bitter end. – Barry St. Vitus / BLURT

Expands just a tad beyond the basic taters-and-brews backyard slop that keeps many similar bands mired in formulaic rehashes. – John Graham / SF Weekly

They are truly doing the lord’s work on Yours Until The Bitter End … acknowledging that your conception of God may be different from mine. – POPMATTERS

There’s lots in the way of digging sharpened fangs into classic forms for sounds that would go great with glasses being slammed back down onto bars. – Mary Leary / MOKB

Their loud, impetuous vigor may instantly scream revivalism, but bearing in mind that hybridization in pursuit of originality mostly backfires, it’s a pleasure to still see bands sticking to an agenda that is classic in design and off bounds from any pop sensibilities. – LA Deli Magazine

This Buffalo-born quartet continues to combine the menace of metal, the feral energy of punk rock, the panache of surf guitar, the non-stop drive of southern boogie and the rough-edges of the garage. – Hyperbolium

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