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On superb retellings of blues staples, the fuzzy, thick-as-molasses reverb-fueled blues-rock-chug of the trio menacingly oozes behind the Ford's blacker-than-blue cracked growl (...) With a little help from his friends, T-Model Ford has once again walked into the studio and bettered himself. - Alan Brown / POPMATTERS

A spectacular blues record. While the boys in Gravelroad complement T-model’s personality and style, they never get in his way; instead, they combine for some dark and dirty blues tunes. - James Orme / SLUG

On these eight tracks — a mix of originals, classics like “Little Red Rooster, and classic inspired riffs like the “Mystery Train” rewrite “Same Old Train” - the touches of saxophone, keyboards and guest guitars elevate Ford’s guttural growl to something on a par with Howlin’ Wolf himself. - Mark Jordan / GOMEMPHIS

Production is huge on this release. Something that was hinted at on last years The Ladies Man but it's fully realized this time around, as if they just decided "Fuck it. Let's blow this thing up and wreck some speakers and take out some minds, too!" It's thoroughly post-modern primitive and pure beautiful. Get it. Blast it. - Rick Saunders / DEEP BLUES

Taledragger is sure one of the best blues releases this year. - Jason Felton / RECORD PDT.

All of the pieces fit well on this album, with Ford and the band developing a hypnotic groove, putting their own spin on original material and some fresh takes on blues standards. - MUSIC & MORE

Taledragger is a modern blues album with primitive roots. It's a far more interesting recording because of its "impurities" -- paradoxically, making it a far more "authentic" blues record because it is linked to multiple historic traditions simultaneously. It's exponentially more enjoyable and exciting as blues than anything coming out of Chicago in the 21st century. - Thom Jurek / AMG

The band gives T-Model's music power and swing like he's rarely had before. - Warren McQuiston / PERFORMER

Taledragger might conjure up the sound of classic pre-war blues, but closer analysis reveals an expertly crafted contemporary blues album with strict attention to Delta roots. - Rosalind Cummings-Yeates / ILLINOIS ENTERTAINER

Its primitiveness, its utter lack of manners, is what makes Taledragger feel like it’s perversely true to the spirit of the blues. - HURST REVIEW

If you enjoy juke-joint jostlin’ and smoky-cool Delta blues, or if you’re captivated by their novelty, you’ll dig Taledragger. Especially “How Many More Years.” Hinging on a distorted, crunchy, low-end riff, it makes a perfect anthem for shooting heroin in a dive-bar bathroom. - BOSTON PHOENIX

Melds the traditional with the modern in a way that would have most singer/songwriters falling flat on their faces. - James G. Carlson / NO DEPRESSION

For anyone who craves the kernel at the core of blues-with-a-beat; a kernel at the heart of much great rock ‘n' roll, Taledragger is essential. - Mary Leary / BLURT

Taledragger is a rollicking blend of Chicago groove, juke joint jump, Delta rawness, electric crunch and good o' fashion "attitude." - J. Blake / AMERICAN BLUES NEWS