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The Case Files collects demos, out-takes, one live shot & other rarities from the 1985-2010 span of Peter Case's solo career. Compiled by Peter himself, this collection combines rockin’ full band electric tracks with a selection of dynamic acoustic performances.

Tracks :
1.(Give Me) One More Mile
2.Let's Turn This Thing Around
3.Anything (Closing Credits)
4.The End 5.Good Times, Bad Times
6.Milkcow Blues
7.Kokomo Prayer Vigil
8.The Ballad Of The Minimum Wage
9.Steel Strings
10.Trusted Friend
11.Black Crow Blues
12.Round Trip Stranger Blues

Assembled and organic, these tracks don’t feel like leftovers or spillovers. They offer powerful testaments of how Case can rig-up popular (and not-so-popular) refrains, inject new life, and send them down the street, darker and more penetrating than ever in range and poignancy. He is the maverick, he is the mercurial one, he is the meaningful one steeped in history, not pop platitudes. – David Ensminger / PopMatters

Even though these tracks were either demo tapes, radio sessions, or stuff that didn’t make the grade somewhere else, it’s clear Peter Case has admirably high standards, and these 12 songs make for an entertaining and empowering album that delivers the goods with smarts and simple, sweaty force. The Case Files proves this man’s cast-offs make for a better album than most acts’ level-best efforts, and with any luck, he’ll offer another look into his archives before long. – Mark Deming / All Music Guide

The Case Files works equally well as an introduction to this intelligent musician’s work (for those not familiar with him) or an accurate cross-section of his solo career (for those fans who have the larger portion of his discography). In either case, don’t stop here. – Doug Collette / Glide Magazine

The Case Files is the sound of Peter Case pulling back the doors of his creaking back catalogue only to be buried under a minor avalanche of semi-forgotten, rough-hewn gems. It may not be the obvious point of entry for the uninitiated, but you shouldn’t let that put you off. If you like your troubadours on the outspoken, intelligent and melodic side, you’ll be thrilled by these ornery delights. – Tim Peacock / Whisperin & Hollerin

With a program ranging from acoustic blues to shimmering folk pop to ragged rock & roll, The Case Files is the singer/songwriter’s most eclectic record since his debut, and it’s damn near as satisfying. – Michael Toland / The Big Takeover

The Case Files finds the man himself picking through his back pages and assembling a surprisingly cohesive odds-n-sods collection of demos, out-takes and rarities from his solo years. – MOKB

Perhaps the biggest find here is “Trusted Friend” which Case explains is a long lost track in between the Plimsouls and his solo career. I’ve always felt the Plimsouls were one of the most underrated bands of the early ‘80s with “A Million Miles Away,” Everywhere At Once” and the perfect “Oldest Story in the World” proving what a powerfully moving and great rock band they were. “Trusted Friend” has that Plimsouls vigor, albeit acoustically stripped down, and it’s great that Case was able to uncover it and debut it here. – Carl Cortez / Assignment X

You could do no wrong in picking this up because The Case Files shows that even though this material is essentially stuff that got stashed away and not used, Case’s flotsam and jetsam is still more interesting than a lot of his contemporaries’ output.… a solid and dependable collection of songs that should appease fans, both long-time and new. – Zachary Houle / Popmatters

The Case Files is a love letter to Americana – “The End,” for instance, echoes nicely of Tom Petty and Dwight Twilley — along with a younger Peter Case. “Give Me One More Mile” sounds like Case locked himself in a room with Bruce Springsteen and Bob Dylan for a week. – Mary Leary / Dagger

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