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Never Give Up On Your Hallucinations
Track listing :
- The Black Keys 'Can't Find My Mind' (exclusive to this release)
- Brian Olive 'Jubilee Line'
- Thomas Function 'Relentless Machines'
- Hacienda 'She's Got A Hold On Me'
- Outrageous Cherry "Anymore'
- Brimstone Howl 'Atomic Love' (exclusive to this release)
- Black Diamond Heavies 'Leave It On The Road (Again)' (exclusive to this release)
- Radio Moscow 'I Just Want To Make Love To You' (exclusive to this release)
- Buffalo Killers 'Don't You Ever Think I Cry' (exclusive to this release)
- Trainwreck Riders 'Tomorrow's Gonna Change It All'
- Left Lane Cruiser 'Old Fashioned Shoeshine'
- Henry's Funeral Show 'Don't Lose The Rhythm'