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Taking queues from classic pop, rock'n'roll, and Americana, Hollis Brown combines raw rock sensibilities with sweet melodies and hearfelt lyrics to create a rich, warm sound that can fill any room. Principal songwriters Mike Montali (vocals) and Jon Bonilla (lead guitar) grew up listening to the classics. These native New Yorkers were born in the late '80 s when the city was identified by its grit, passion, and authenticity. The combination of an urban upbringing and throwback musical influences of traditional blues contributed heavily to the band's sound. However, contrary to most blues-influenced bands, Hollis Brown leans heavily toward melodic pop as well. You'd be hard-pressed to find a Beatles song these boys don't know by heart, and you can hear it in the music. Classic rock with a New York state of mind, Hollis Brown is a throwback to an era when music felt fresh, songwriting was revered, and performances routinely inspired.


Packed to the brim with sterling songs that measure up to those covers they’re so fond of playing live. – KUT (Austin)

A bracing mixture of something akin to blues-based Southern rock and pure British Invasion-influenced pop. – WYMA

Hollis Brown make music that sounds just as alive today as it would’ve in 1966 and will 40 years from now. – SPIN

Fully honest, slightly bluesy, and all-American. It's a pretty smooth train ride. – ROCTOBER

Ride On The Train is an album that a lot of people are going to love for its multi-generational appeal. But besides that, it’s just good rock music. It’s hard to peg a specific sound on it. There are no “skip” songs on this album though. Be prepared to keep it in your player, on repeat, for a long time. – EAR TO THE GROUND

Through this consistently impressive first long player, Hollis Brown have carved out their own space with a set of timeless, rustic, and eminently tuneful and soulful sounds. – Brian Greene / SHINDIG!

It’s easy to see how Hollis Brown’s sound could be as relevant years down the road as it is today. – PASTE

Their debut is something to behold. – HEAR YA

Their well-crafted songs are rooted in the blues and feature pop hooks that sink in and don’t let go. – CMT

The main reason I've taken to Hollis Brown is their simple formula. There are no frills or gimmicks to this bands sound. Ride On The Train is just four guys playing from the heart and its obvious track after track. – ROOM THIRTEEN

It might be one of the best rock records you’re gonna hear all year. – The COUCH SESSIONS

There are two main reasons you should check out Hollis Brown this summer. The first is that they have enough pop and soul to entertain; the second is how breezy, yet spirited, their playing is. As debuts go, you couldn't ask more from these New York boys. – SOUNDLAB

Ride On The Train is the group's debut full-length album, and it's a gem, full of memorable songs and a sharp, taut sound that only includes what is necessary to put the song over. – Steve Leggett / ALL MUSIC

A remarkable debut from a band that shows a lot of promise. – PENNYBLACK MUSIC

With soulful guitar licks winding their way through each song, Hollis Brown is the package deal. – The SNAP DOWNLOAD

Like a refined version of the late 60′s era rock and roll that sort of trembles into 70′s rock / folk /country territory. – MUSIC SAVAGE

Hollis Brown’s ability to straddle genres, sounds, generations, decades, and the strength of their songwriting - catchy, full of hooks, but also full of meaning, thoughtful and well considere - is going to take them far. – BRAND NEW KIND OF

Filled with the refined rock sensibilities of the classic era of the 60's and 70's. – MADD CHICAGO

Hollis Brown conjures a dozen things I've liked or loved from the last 30 years. But it sounds exactly like no one else. – Mary Leary / BLURT

It’s not easy to play modern blues rock and keep it real or make it new in any way, but so far Hollis Brown has managed to keep on doing exactly that. – EAST PORTLAND BLOG

A band that’s a little bit classic pop, a little bit Americana, and a whole lot of sweet rock n' roll. – PULSE

Possessing a seemingly endless supply of infectious melodies and a live show that has attracted a devoted following, Hollis Brown has distinguished itself as essential in the crowded musical landscape of NYC. – WILD HONEY PIE

Some times it’s not the music that’s being played as much as the way it’s played.  These guys caught a really good vibe on this record. – DEEP IN THE MUSIC

Everything you’d expect from a band named after a Bob Dylan tune, mixing Americana and Bible Belt blues with a heavy dose of no-frills Southern rock. – AMERICAN SONGWRITER

On NYC band Hollis Brown‘s track “Ride On The Train,” the raw, soulful and timeless sound of Americana is perfectly captured. – POPSTACHE

The closest thing to a classic rock album that Generation X will know. And we’re cool with that. – DIFFUSER FM

If you don't know Hollis Brown the best single word description we can give you is Timeless. The sound and storytelling in their lyrics are not only relatable but also quite revealing and sincere. – TRANSISTOR 6

It’s rock and roll, but with country, folk, and soul infused into the guitar-driven sound. – The WHEEL'S STILL SPINNIG

A great debut album, and if it doesn’t cheer you up then you’re just the worst person ever. – ELUSIVE COMMENTS

Ride On The Train is just four guys playing from the heart and it shows track after track. – THE FIRE NOTE

Offers ten tracks of honest and raw emotive enterprise, their voices a narrative of traditional blues heart with classic rock/pop colouring. – The RINGMASTER

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