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New album "Rock n'roll Sword Fight" coming soon!

Recorded absolutely live in the USA, “Rock n’roll Sword Fight” captures the fun and exciting experience that is Gyasi (pronounced Jah-See) on stage. A flamboyant singer/guitarist/songwriter from Nashville, glam rocker Gyasi brings back the heavy sounds once pioneered by T-Rex, The Stooges and Led Zeppelin. This is raw power for new rock n’roll people. Play it loud!

“Reviving the true spirit of the glam style.” — Tone Scott/GOLDMINE
“Groove and fizz with all the melodic energy of the ‘70s great.” – SHINDIG!
“Sassy, stompy glam rock fun, dripping in sequins and colourful eyeshadow.” — Polly Glass/CLASSIC ROCK

  • March 8 @ The Stache – The Intersection — Grand Rapids, MI
  • March 9 @ Frankie’s — Toledo, OH
  • March 10 @ Madison Theatre — Covington, KY
  • April 5 @ Hogs for the Cause — New Orleans, LA

Gyasi was raised in West Virginia, where his parents bought him a guitar from the local flea market. At the ripe age of six, he began learning how to play; on “23,” he shreds. His ripping guitar solo jolts the listener, adding a bit of overdrive to the eerie arrangement. Gyasi’s voice commands the track as much as his guitar. He sings with an authoritative yet playful tone, reminiscent of Mick Jagger on “Sympathy for the Devil.” – Daniel Mazzerina/LIGHTNING 100

Home run! Slam dunk! Touch down! Goal! ... I figured I wouldn't leave you in too much suspense—point blank, this album is fu**ing BRILLIANT! Alive Naturalsound Records has absolutely struck gold again by investing in, and having faith in Gyasi (Gyasi Heus) by releasing the artist's sophomore full-length studio effort, and what an absolutely smart choice it was. I would have to go as far as to say, that I would bet there were a lot of people waiting for someone to drop an album in this vein, of this caliber, since the 2003 release Get Born by the modern glam rockers from 'down under, 'Jet. – Tone Scott / GOLDMINE

CLASSIC ROCK : Tracks Of The Week
The legacies of Bowie and Bolan continue to reap new proteges, such as this Music City guy. Featuring Jack White band members and riff-loads of dirty 70s glitter, Baby Blue shares so much DNA with T.Rex’s 20th Century Boy they could have been separated at birth (the voice, the threads, the glammed up blues chords). It rocks like a monster, too, without taking itself too seriously (‘Got a rock n roll heart and babe you eat it with a spoon…what a loon’). Sassy, stompy glam rock fun, dripping in sequins and colourful eyeshadow. – Polly Glass

"If you`ve never heard of Gyasi before then his new Baby Blue EP will be a captivating introduction. This singer/guitarist/songwriter has the image, looks, licks, and moves, but also the talent." – Damian Sullivan / MAXIMUM VOLUME MUSIC

The lead track ("Baby Blue') is one Bolan boogie woogie hip shaker in spangly spandex and more make-up than Bowie wore. That riff is familiar but boy is it good, no it’s great. No scratch that, it’s fuckin great and the breakdown into the chorus is wonderful.
The other three tracks on offer are all live cuts that show the band have the chops when out on the road. ‘Cheap High’ is badd ass like when Aerosmith were out there kicking up a storm in the late ’70s an air of mystery but don’t fuck with them because these cats can play. The sleazier ‘Tongue Tied’ with its rolling beat is one monster sleazy tune before signing off with ‘Sugar Mama’ and all it’s bombast and glory. – Dom Daley / PRM Online


"Groove and fizz with all the melodic energy of the ‘70s great." – SHINDIG!

"This album is the most exciting and complete record I have heard this year, hands down." – Ben Hughes / RPM

"Gyasi has reinvented glam rock for the modern age." – The STRANGE BREW

"Beg. borrow or steal this album, GYASI is an Electric Warrior on the rise" – MAXIMUM VOLUME

“We may not ever have another David Bowie or Marc Bolan but we've got Gyasi which is a step in the right direction. Make sure to see him live -- There's no room for boredom when Gyasi hits the stage!” – RODNEY BINGENHEIMER

“If anyone can bring back Glam, it is this wonderful peacock.” – AUDIO FUZZ

"This is a fine celebration of what rock music can still be.” – BEEHIVE CANDY

“Spears directly out of the golden age of UK rock’n’roll with its glittering bravado and unfettered self-confidence underpinned by technical competence.” – EMERGING INDIE BANDS

A glorious mixture of David Bowie and Marc Bolan without the slightest modern twist. – PASTE