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VINYL album "Pronounced Jah-See" coming APRIL 2022.

“This man is an enigma to say the least, a glorious mixture of David Bowie and Marc Bolan with the slightest modern twist.” – PASTE

Gyasi seems in many ways to come from another planet, and being raised in the woods of a West Virginia holler might as well be another planet in this day and age. His parents bought him a guitar at a local flea market when he was six years old and he still hasn’t gotten rid of the fleas. He approaches his music as an all-encompassing art piece, using fashion, storytelling, and his guitar to create a world for his music. Inspired by a wide range of art and culture both past and present, his work is fueled by an undeniable passion to create music that brings rock n roll into the 21st century. Gyasi is a modern rock star like no other.

“We may not ever have another David Bowie or Marc Bolan but we've got Gyasi which is a step in the right direction. Make sure to see him live -- There's no room for boredom when Gyasi hits the stage!” – RODNEY BINGENHEIMER

“If anyone can bring back Glam, it is this wonderful peacock.” – AUDIO FUZZ

"This is a fine celebration of what rock music can still be.” – BEEHIVE CANDY

“Spears directly out of the golden age of UK rock’n’roll with its glittering bravado and unfettered self-confidence underpinned by technical competence.” – EMERGING INDIE BANDS