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NEW ALBUM : "Sleep Without Dreaming"

Balancing the sonic edge of mid-seventies proto-punk bands such as NY Dolls and Television with the pop sensibility of classic rock groups such as the Kinks, Stones and even the Beatles, NYC rock band Beechwood is authentically rock and roll. Centered around the close-knit songwriting and guitar-weaving partnership of Gordon Lawrence and Sid Simons, also featuring Russel Yusuf on drums and recent addition Jensen Gore on bass - Beechwood’s 4th studio album “Sleep Without Dreaming” is packed with stellar songs and displays a sonically powerful production.

Whenever I listen to Beechwood, I am reminded of the depth they achieve and how fearlessly they let it all hang out there. “Sleep Without Dreaming” is really, really good. They’ve got something unique and cool happening here. – HENRY ROLLINS

Brings the late ’60s into the ’00s. – GRUNGECAKE

It’s authentic rock ‘n’ roll! – POWER OF POP

Exquisite music taste and ideas make them seem from another era. – PLEASE KILL ME

Proves that there’s plenty of life left in the old beast known as rock and roll. – WE ALL WANT SOMEONE TO SHOUT FOR

Their music permeates a smell of a cigarettes and spilled booze that’s grimy but also alluring. — EARBUDDY

Brings to mind the eminence and quality of acts such as the early seventies Stones, Bowie and T.Rex. – DESTROY//EXIST

Beechwood mix garage, psych, and glam rock into a sound that is at once a throwback to a golden period of rock and roll as well as a sign of hope in a time when we see less and less guitar bands and true rock. – GLIDE MAGAZINE

Bubbly pop goodness wrapped in jangly overdriven guitars. – ATWOOD

They run a pretty wide gamut of scuzz from garage to glam to punk to indie that’s not that easy to date. – STEREOGUM

Recalls the best moments of the Zombies and Beach Boys, adding elements of garage and light tinges of the psychedelic. – POPMATTERS

NYC’s own Beechwood takes the lead this week with their newest album "Inside The Flesh Hotel."

A darkly shimmering rock ’n’ roll record of bruising timelessness. – The VILLAGE VOICE

An impeccable record. – PARIS MOVE



PLUGGED magazine (FR)



Whether one perceives their sound as a more glam-oriented version of Television, a more intricate version of the Ramones, a dirtier version of the Blues Magoos or just something that could have jumped right out of the original Nuggets compilation, the trio’s gritty sound is impressive enough to speak for itself and nail its audience down. – DESTROY//EXIST

More shambolic psychedelia than the straight-up, guitar cut-and-thrust of The Bowery…glammy and trashy, as much of the best Manhattan rock always was. – i94 BAR




Songs From the Land of Nod is a haunted record, but one of no mean achievement, oozing with edgy cut-throat energy and cool, sleazy grace. The kind of record rarely heard since the prime of The Ramones and The Cramps, it truly doesn’t put a foot wrong. – IT STARTS WITH A BIRTHSTONE

Seems to piece together the best of rock throughout the ages, tying in temperate group harmonies, arcing melodies, meddling guitar lines, and concrete percussion to drive it all home. – BUFFALO BLOG

Pretty boys, they are far from all show. This trio of musicians have both the talent and balls to kick you in the gut with their sound and musical abilities. — PONYBOY MAGAZINE

This easy psychedelia and vintage sounding looseness puts Beechwood in a sonic world not too distant from the ones inhabited by modern classics like Foxygen and Tame Impala. – THE DELI NY

The band is a mash up of a bunch of different rock that collectively just scream cool. – POP DUST

Their sound is a classic, hot and sweaty, raw and nasty, rock and roll spirit, that commands the room with a real classic NYC sound, like a mix of Velvet Underground, Ramones, and aptly for the night, the New York Dolls, and their killer cover of The Kinks’ “I’m Not Like Everybody Else” nearly blew the lid of the place. – PANCAKES & WHISKEY (live review w/David Johansen)

A balanced combination of ingenuity and nonchalance. – NRC (NL)

Has a talent for pulling back the curtain to reveal the dark underbelly of humanity, and their latest visual is no different. – THE PAPER MAGAZINE

Sneaky and poisonous at the same time, who would have dared to bet that 2018 would open with a great rock record? – PARIS MOVE (FR)

Has a pop elegance totally unknown to these modern times. – RUMORE (IT)

You will immediately hear their influences of The Stooges and New York Dolls while embracing the more pop side of the Velvet Underground. – THE FIRE NOTE

(HEROIN HONEY) Beechwood will sate your need for that certain something out of the ordinary and leave you breathless for whatever else they might have in store for you. – Left of the Dial/NOOGA.COM

Drummer and vocalist Isa Tineo and bassist Sydney Simons were arrested during an outdoor show for “reckless endangerment, criminal mischief, resisting arrest, obstructing government administration and disorderly conduct.” The whole thing was caught on social media and made its way to headlines in NY Daily News. Welcome to rock ‘n’ roll, boys. – WHAT YOUTH